Jio AirFiber Announced: Get Fiber-Like Speeds Wirelessly Using Jio 5G Network

Jio AirFiber Announced: Get Fiber-Like Speeds Wirelessly Using Jio 5G Network

Alongside the ambitious Jio 5G rollout plans announced at Reliance’s 45th AGM, the company also unveiled its next-gen fiber broadband service on stage at the event. Dubbed Jio AirFiber, the telecom giant will deliver fiber-like services to customers through their 5G network. Here’s everything you need to know about this service in detail.

jio airfiber 5g launched

Jio AirFiber Announced at 45th Reliance AGM

With the launch of Jio AirFiber, you will be able to use wireless broadband internet effortlessly. Soon, you will no longer need to have the Jio wiring team come to your house and lay the fiber line to enjoy broadband services. Instead, you will be able to get a new dedicated device called the Jio AirFiber Home Gateway to connect to the Jio 5G network, based on SA 5G architecture, to enjoy even faster data speeds.

Jio AirFiber enables you to enjoy fiber-like data speeds over the air, without any wires

As described by Reliance Jio in its official press release, Jio AirFiber Home Gateway is a “wireless, simple, single-device solution to have a Wi-Fi hotspot in a home, connected to ultra-high-speed internet using Jio True 5G.” It’s essentially a personal Wi-Fi hotspot in the form of a dedicated device, enabling you to connect all your 5G devices, smart home appliances, and more to Gigabit-speed Internet.

During the Reliance AGM, Jio chairman Akash Ambani explained this service over a video of someone setting up the Jio AirFiber gateway. As shown in the image above, you simply need to plug in the AirFiber router, press the button on top, set up the device to work with Jio 5G, and start using fiber services wirelessly. This will enable several new use-cases like low-latency cloud gaming, multi-angle viewing of sports events, and immersive shopping, among other things.

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Furthermore, Reliance is not only launching the JioFiber gateway device. It has also announced another initiative called JioCloud PC, and it could finally make desktop PCs available to students and workers in rural and semi-urban areas – that too at a really affordable price. If you want to learn more about JioCloud PC, check out the linked article.

Finally, the company claims that Jio AirFiber will enable hundreds of homes and offices to get fiber services in a short period of time. And Reliance Jio aims to push India to rank among the top 10 nations for fixed-line broadband services. Also, if you are wondering, there is no information on the price and availability of the JioFiber home gateway at the moment. We will update you once more details are available, so stay tuned.

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