Jio True 5G Launched: How to Use Jio 5G Network in India

Following Airtel’s 5G launch, Jio didn’t waste any time and announced its True 5G services starting this Dussehra in India. Currently, Jio’s 5G service is invite-only in select cities as part of the Welcome Offer and will reach more users in metro cities after Diwali. Earlier, we had compiled all the details about Jio’s 5G development, and in this article, we bring you a step-by-step guide on how to use the Jio 5G network in India. Besides that, we have included a list of Jio 5G cities, compatible phones, 5G recharge plans, and more. On that note, let’s move to the tutorial and learn how to enable Jio True 5G in India.

Jio True 5G Launched: How to Use Jio 5G Network in India

How to Enable and Use Jio 5G in India (2022)

Follow our detailed tutorial on how to enable and use Jio 5G in India. We have included steps to activate Jio 5G on Android smartphones and iPhones. Along with that, we also have added instructions to enroll in Jio’s 5G Welcome Offer to test out the service. You can expand the table below and find more information about Jio 5G’s launch in India.

How to Activate Jio 5G on Android Phones

Jio True 5G is currently not available to everyone. It is available on an invite-only basis as of now and only those who have received the invitation can use Jio’s 5G services. Here are the steps you need to follow to check if you have got the invite in order to enable Jio 5G on your device. In addition, we have added steps to turn on the 5G network on your Android phone.

1. Open Settings and move to “Wi-Fi and Network“. After that, open “SIM and Network”. Bear in mind that the settings might have a different name on other smartphones, depending on the Android skin installed. For example – I’m using the OnePlus 9RT for this demo, and you need to navigate to Mobile network -> Jio SIM to access the desired settings.

2. Next, you will find “Preferred network type”. Open it and choose “5G/4G/3G/2Gor you can simply choose “5G”. This will set 5G as your preferred network type.

3. After that, install the MyJio app (Free) on your smartphone if you don’t have it. Next, open the app and register with your Jio phone number. Following that, you will see a banner on top saying “Jio Welcome Offer”. Tap on it, and the app will run a compatibility test. Once the process is completed, the app will notify you whether Jio 5G is supported on your phone in India.

4.Now, wait for some time, and the Jio 5G network should be activated on your Android phone. We say this under the assumption that you are currently in one of the four cities where the Jio 5G network is available (named below), you have a compatible 5G phone you have recharged with Rs 239 plan or above, and you have been invited for the Welcome Offer.

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5. Even after all the successful checks, you can try restarting the device if the 5G network does not appear. Apart from that, you can force your phone to look for just the 5G network via this method. open the dialer app on your Android phone and enter the below code. This will open the hidden Phone Information page.


6. Here, open “Phone Information” and tap on the drop-down menu below “Set preferred network type”. Choose “NR only” or “NR/ LTE” (so you can use 4G in areas where 5G services are not yet available). The “NR only” is only for testing purposes and to check whether your phone can use the Jio 5G network. Later, you can change it to”NR/ LTEin case Jio 5G’s VoNR (Voice over New Radio) service does not work well.

How to Activate and Use Jio 5G on iPhones

iPhone users in India can’t use Jio’s 5G network right now. Apple is yet to release the update that will make iPhones compatible not only with Jio’s 5G network but any 5G network in India. After the update rolls out, you will be able to activate and use Jio True 5G on iPhones using the following steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and move to the “Mobile Data“section.

2. Next, navigate to “Mobile Data” and tap on “Voice and Data“.

3. Then tap on “5G Carto enable 5G when the network is providing better speeds than 4G. Otherwise, the iPhone will switch to 4G to save battery life. In case you always want your phone to be on 5G, select “5G on”.

4. Next, install the MyJio app (Free) on your iPhone and follow the same steps as the Android section to avail the Jio 5G Welcome offer. Then wait for some time or restart your iPhone. The Jio 5G network should now be enabled on your iPhone.

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List of Jio 5G Supported Cities (October 2022)

Jio True 5G is currently available in four cities in India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Varanasia. It’s being said that Jio will expand the 5G coverage to more cities this Diwali and add new towns and cities every month. By the end of December 2023, Jio will deliver true 5G services covering the entire country.

How to Find Jio 5G Towers Near Your Location

If you are in one of the serviceable areas, you can find the precise location of Jio 5G towers and the area it covers. Here are the steps you need to follow to find the Jio 5G tower near your location.

1. First, install Speedtest by Ookla (android and iOS, Free with in-app purchases) on your phone. Open the app, grant the necessary permissions, and move to the “Map” section.

2. Now, you can use the app to find Jio 5G towers in India labeled in blue color. You can zoom out and move to another location and zoom in to find detailed coverage details. Also, you can swipe up and check 5G towers coverage for other operators.

Jio True 5G: Compatible Android Phones and iPhones

Unlike Airtel, Jio has not compiled a list of compatible devices you can use with its true 5G services. However, at present, the company has said that it will be using n28, n78, and n258 bands to offer 5G services. So use our dedicated guide to check the 5G bands supported on your smartphone and make sure these three are available. In addition, SA 5G support may also be required on your device.

Apart from that, several popular devices, including Pixel and OnePlus phones will require an update from the manufacturer to enable Jio 5G in India. As for iPhones, Apple hasn’t rolled out the update yet. So yeah, be it Jio or Airtel 5G, you need to wait for the cellular configuration update to use 5G on iPhones.

Jio 5G Upload/Download Speeds

As Jio is offering Standalone 5G in India, it’s touting better download speeds than Airtel. The company says it can deliver download speeds of up to 1Gbps indoors. While its 5G network is still in the beta trial phase, some users have been able to access Jio’s 5G service in India. a user on Twitter tested the download speed on Jio’s True 5G inside the site network, and it peaked at 1085Mbps (over 1Gbps). It’s worth noting that the user also had access to VoNR (Voice over New Radio) with a ping of 28ms.

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Apart from that, during the India Mobile Congress event, many users clocked download speeds of up to 950Mbps on Jio 5G. So it’s safe to say Jio will be one of the few telecom operators to offer faster download speeds than the competition when its 5G coverage expands across India.

Jio True 5G Recharge Plans and Tariffs

Similar to Airtel, Jio has not launched separate 5G plans for now. The company says those who are on existing 4G plans can enjoy its 5G services without any restrictions or additional costs. However, there’s a catch. You must have recharged with Rs 239 or a higher plan to access Jio’s True 5G services.

As for Jio’s 5G recharge pricing, they will be affordable, as per Reliance Jio Chairman Akash Ambani. “We will make it very affordable, it should be affordable for every Indian – right from device to serviceAkash said at India Mobile Congress 2022.

Do I Need a New Jio SIM to Use 5G Network in India?

you don’t need a new Jio 5G SIM to use the Jio 5G network in India. Jio has said that existing 4G SIM cards will work with 5G without any limitations. If you wish to learn more on this subject, you can head to our explainer on whether you need a new SIM for 5G.

Enable Jio 5G Network on Your Smartphone Right Now

So these are the instructions you need to follow to activate Jio’s 5G network in India. As I mentioned above, access to Jio 5G is currently invite-only. However, the service will potentially roll out to more cities after Diwali. Until then, if you want to find details about all the 5G bands supported in India, follow our linked guide. And to learn about the latest developments of Jio Phone 5G, we have a detailed article for that as well. Finally, if you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.

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