Loki Cast: 12 Major Season 2 Characters

Loki casts 12 main characters

Loki Season 2 is now streaming on Disney Plus and can easily be considered one of the biggest shows of 2023. Not only the storyline, but the way the cast of Loki owns the characters they portray is truly remarkable. Loki season 2 gave the audience quite an action-packed opening and an interesting one post-credit scene with only one episode. Now we can only imagine how much more this series could offer fans with the upcoming episodes. In this article, we are going to talk about all the major cast and characters from Loki season 2. So let’s dive in!

Spoiler warning: This article contains major spoilers for Loki Season 1 and Loki Season 2, so watch the episodes streaming on Disney Plus to avoid ruining the intended experience.

1. Tom Hiddleston – Loki

Tom Hiddleston
Source: Disney+

The main cast of Loki is our beloved Tom Hiddleston, who has proven to be the perfect cast for Loki since his very first debut as the God of Mischief in Thor (2011).. Tom Hiddleston plays a variation of Loki in season 1 after the death of the main Loki who dies Avengers: Infinite War. He has reprized his role in Loki season 2, picking up right where the first season left off.

Hiddleston proved himself to be a great actor, not only in the Loki series, but in all the others as well Tom Hiddleston movie. It’s only exciting to think about how this series will unfold as newer episodes of Loki season 2 hit their shelves assigned release date.

2. Owen Wilson – Mobius

Owen Wilson
Source: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

Best known for his role as Shaggy in the golden era Scooby Doo films, Owen Wilson has proven to be the perfect cast for Mobius M. Mobius, where he absolutely nailed the role of this very dedicated TVA agent. The way Wilson has portrayed this character is perfect. He has managed to create a personality that has a serious character, but also has an undertone of humor.

In the Loki cast, he played a crucial role in season 1, and when we almost thought Judge Reneslayer had killed Mobius, and we wouldn’t see him again, he reappeared in the penultimate episode and continued to play the role with an increasingly -fascinating performance also in season 2.

3. Sophia Di Martino – Sylvie

Loki Cast: 12 Major Characters from Season 2
Source: Disney+

The idea of ​​a female Loki may sound absurd to some people, but when Sophia Di Martino appeared on screen as Sylvie, the female variant of Loki, she became an instant fan favorite. The cast of the Loki TV series is virtually incomplete without being mentioned, and the way Martino adapted the “Lokiness” that Tom Hiddleston set a standard for with his very first appearance is truly remarkable.

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I was quite doubtful that she would be accepted by the fanbase, but a good performance can turn even the most unthinkable ideas into a widely accepted reality. Sylvie by Sophia Di Martino is a living, breathing example of this.

4. Wunmi Mosaic – Hunter B-15

Loki Cast: 12 Major Characters from Season 2
Source: Disney+

The TVA has a literally infinite number of Minutemen, but the one that stands out the most is Hunter B-15, played by Wunmi Mosaku. Her role among the entire Loki cast is quite unique and I’ll tell you how. In the first season, Mobius, Loki and a team of Minutemen led by B-15 went to that supermarket in the future to capture Sylvie, and she was under Sylvie’s spell for a short time. The way Wunmi perfectly portrayed ‘Lokiness’ shows how brilliant an actor she is.

Throughout the series, she portrayed three different personalities of the same character: the loyal TVA soldier, an embodiment of Sylvie, and a saddened human being who has discovered that her life has been torn from her, and to me, that’s straight up. brilliant.

5. Ke Huy Quan – Ouroboros or OB

Ke Huy Quan (Ouroboros or OB)
Source: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

One of the newer characters introduced to the Loki cast in season 2 is Ke Huy Quan as OB or Ouroboros. He plays the role of a technician who works on the bottom floor of the TVA and has been completely isolated from virtually everyone for almost 400 years. He became popular for his role in Everything everywhere at oncebut the real ones know him for his role as “Short Round” in the OG 1984’s Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom.

Ke Huy Quan brings a refreshing air of natural humor to the cast of Loki season 2, and I have to say that even though we’ve only seen him play the character in one episode so far, I’m sure he’ll be one of the main characters in the ongoing series.

6. Gugu Mbatha-Raw – Judge Ravonna Renslayer

Gugu Mbatha-Raw (judge Ravonna Renslayer)
Source: Disney+

Now talking about the villains in Loki season 2, Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Ravonna Renslayer is quite an interesting character. Like every other TVA agent, she was also taken from her timeline due to being a variant and erased from her memory. In Loki Season 1, even though she thinks she’s doing the right thing, she ends up taking certain extreme steps that turn her into a villain.

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We didn’t get to see much of what happened to her after she tried to capture Sylvie, but in the very first episode of Loki season 2, we discovered that He Who Remains had a rather personal connection to Renslayer. All that’s left to see now is where this new development in Season 2’s story leads in the coming episodes.

7. Jonathan Majors – He Who Remains / Victor Timely

Jonathan Majors (He Who Remains / Victor Timely)
Source: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

Another villain that appeared in Loki Season 1 was “He Who Remains,” and honestly, I wouldn’t really consider him a villain after his whole explanation of why he did what he did. Jonathan Majors, if we talk about his acting skills, is an incredible addition to the Loki cast and he portrayed the character of a slightly disturbed man who tries to solve things in the most unconventional way.

However, in light of the legal issues of violence and SA, he is currently underground. That might have had an effect on the screen time he was afforded in Loki Season 2. Whatever kind of person he is, his upcoming role as Victor Timely is highly anticipated. It will be interesting to see where his role as Victor Timely in the Loki series and as Kang the Conqueror throughout the MCU goes next.

8. Tara Strong – Miss Minutes

Tara Strong (Missminutes)
Source: Disney+

Tara Strong, the voice actor who gave her iconic voice to the animated film Batgirl and the world-famous animated series Power Puff Girls, gave voice to the iconic character of Miss Minutes. Miss Minutes is a holographic, walking clock that plays the role of assistant to all TVA agents.

Her role in the first season was quite minimal with relatively less screen time, but it seems like she could play a slightly more complex and possibly villainous role in Loki Season 2.

9. Eugène Cordero – Casey

Eugène Cordero (Casey)
Source: Disney+

Eugene Cordero plays a humorous side character named Casey in the Loki cast. Casey is a clerk at the TVA who has had a very limited role in the series thus far, only providing certain moments of comic relief in extremely intense scenarios. He has had a series of interactions with Loki.

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Even in Loki Season 2 Episode 1, we get to see an interaction between Loki and Casey when he crash-landed in the TVA office while being chased by Mobius and the other Minutemen. What now remains to be seen is whether we get to see more of his role in the current running season or not.

10. Kate Dickie – General Dox

Kate Dickie (General Dox)
Source: Disney+

Among the new characters that appeared in Loki season 2 is a new influential character named General Dox, played by Kate Dickie. In the first episode, we see her at the table with the judge’s counsel, discussing the issues at hand: the unstable timeline.

She discovers what happened at the Citadel and that Sylvie killed ‘He Wo Remains’ and blames her for the hundreds of branching timelines. She deploys almost the entire TVA in search of Sylvie, and it remains to be seen what happens next.

11. Neil Ellice – Hunter D-90

Neil Ellice
Source: Disney+

Neil Ellice plays a side character in the Loki cast named Hunter D-90 and had a limited role in the previous season of Loki. In the ongoing Loki season 2, we expect Neil to play quite an important and pivotal role as we can clearly see that while he still believes in TVA’s mission, he has visibly started questioning it. It will be interesting to see where this goes in the coming episodes.

12. Rafael Casal – Hunter X-5 / Brad Wolfie

Rafael Casal (Hunter X-5 / Brad Wolfie)
Source: Disney+

Another newest addition to the Loki cast in season 2 is Rafael Casal, who can currently be seen in the role of Hunter X-5. He seems to be General Dox’s right hand. We see her whisper something in his ear as he goes hunting for Sylvie with virtually the entire TVA, which could be an order to kill Sylvie and not bring her back.

Interestingly, according to the Loki season 2 trailer, Casal will not only play a TVA fighter, but also Brad Wolfie, who plays a villain named Zaniacwhich will be interesting to watch in the upcoming episodes of Loki season 2.

This concludes the cast list of Loki Season 2. Let us know who your favorite characters are in the comments below. And if you’re feeling a little dusty about season 1, check out our Loki Season 1 Recap to find out about all the major events.

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