Loki Episode 4 Recap: Chaos at the Time Variance Authority

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Loki Episode 4 – out now on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar – just rocked the new Marvel series. Read on for our roundup unless you’re concerned about spoilers. Sylvies (Sophia Di Martino) Reveal, Out Loki Episode 3 that those who work for the Time Variance Authority are Time Variances like Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and themselves was central. It led to insights, revelations and riots at the TVA – first with Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) and then with Mobius (Owen Wilson). It also led to the truth about the almighty timekeepers and other secrets about the true authority behind the TVA. And it told us that there is a land beyond the dead in the TVA – or plum, as it’s called – though you might have overlooked that if you weren’t for that Loki Episode 4 Mid-Credits Scene.

At the same time, it undermined them Loki Episode 4 ends because this Loki variant hasn’t disappeared forever, just somewhere else. Plus, it also undermines the emotional blow of seeing Mobius pruning earlier in the summer Loki Episode 4. If there’s a place out there, this Mobius variant is also with other Mobius variants. And because Loki Hiddleston needs and will find a way to return, Mobius can be brought back too.

Loki Episode 4 – titled “The Nexus Event,” directed by Kate Herron and written by Eric Martin – begins in Asgard, where a young Sylvie (Cailey Fleming) is arrested for crimes against the sacred timeline. How can an innocent child playing alone disrupt the timeline? It’s a great way to do that Loki Audience at the side of Sylvie, who shows how brutal the TVA is. But in the TVA, just as she was being brought before a judge, young Sylvie escapes Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who was still a fighter at the time. Sylvie has been running ever since, it seems, and that Loki Episode 4 opens up why Sylvie hates TVA so much. Your whole life was ruined. In the present, the elder Ravonna, remembering that time, goes to the timekeepers.

Ravonna comes out of the golden elevator and is spoken to by Mobius Loki Episode 4 because he wants to know what happened to Hunter C-20 (Sasha Lane), who was previously captured by Sylvie. Obviously hiding something, Ravonna tells Mobius that C-20 became a cuckoo and is now dead. But now that we know she was an ordinary person on earth, it is clear that there is more to this than Ravonna suggests. In addition, Ravonna asks Mobius to keep this to herself.

Loki Tamil, Telugu Dubs premiered June 30th on Disney + Hotstar VIP

Owen Wilson as Mobius, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna in Loki episode 4
Photo credit: Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel Studios

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Back to Lamentis-1 where Loki Episode 3 stopped when Sylvie and Loki accept impending death. Sylvie tells Loki about her past, which we just saw: She ran all her life because she shouldn’t have existed. Meanwhile, Hunter B-15 and Mobius in the TVA are following all the excitement on the timeline. B-15, that looks a bit crooked – Sylvie took her in for a while Loki Episode 2 – Mobius asks for C-20, but says he doesn’t know about it. Back on Lamentis-1, Sylvie wonders if her ability to keep losing makes her “Loki”. In an effort to be optimistic about when they go out, Loki says they will definitely survive. That makes her “Loki”. There is a moment of true connection that causes a break in the timeline and helps TVA get it (and save it from Lamentis-1).

Thrown into two different time theaters, Loki Episode 4 is also in a similar situation to the first two episodes of the Marvel series. Mobius is furious that Loki betrayed him, and just before he is thrown into a time cell, Loki tells Mobius that the TVA is lying to him. Of course, Mobius doesn’t like to believe Loki, given his betrayal. In Time Cell, Loki is confronted with an angry Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) – for cutting her hair, it seems. She calls him a “cunning, cowardly, pathetic worm”, slaps him in the face, slaps him in the groin, slaps him, and then walks away. Loki wonders if he’s in jail with a bad memory, but it turns out it’s Sif in a time warp. She walks in and no matter what Loki tries, he still gets hit, hit, and hit.

Elsewhere on Loki Episode 4, Mobius went to Ravonna because he wanted to talk to Sylvie too. He believes he can find out more quickly what caused the Nexus event on Lamentis-1 if he speaks to both Loki variants. But Ravonna won’t let that happen. Mobius meets B-15 outside, and after failing to enter Sylvie’s time theater, he tells her that Loki said the TVA was lying to her. That stirs up something in B-15, which is obviously beginning to doubt the things around her.

After Loki has made amends with Sif in the time cell, Mobius enters and takes Loki out again. Loki isn’t interested in talking to Mobius about what he’s up to, but his tune changes when Mobius threatens to throw him back in prison. Loki claims to have always been the mastermind and Sylvie is just a pawn. However, Mobius also has his own tricks and says that Sylvie was circumcised. That upsets Loki a bit, even when he says “tidy”. Mobius chuckles when he realizes Loki is in love with himself: a sick, twisted romantic interest. It’s pretty perfect for a narcissist to fall in love with his or her style. Loki has been trying to find out the truth about TVA the whole time – and in the end he just blurts it out.

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Sidebar: This feels like a multiverse is being set up. Ultimately, how will Mobius, B-15, and all the hunters and analysts react when they find out that the sacred timeline they are protecting comes at a high price to their own (previous) lives? If the committed employees of the TVA are really time variations, then it seems Loki must end with the end of TVA. That in turn leads to multiple timelines. This should all lead nicely to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness next year.

Loki Episode 3 Summary: Marvel Goes Mandalorian on Lamentis-1

loki episode 4 wunmi mosaku loki episode 4

Wunmi Mosaku as Fighter B-15 in Loki Episode 4
Photo credit: Disney / Marvel Studios

if Loki Episode 4 is progressing, looks like it’s really getting started. B-15 is finally taking a leap of faith with Sylvie. Back to the Roxxcart apocalypse, B-15 wonders what Sylvie showed her before. They were your memories. B-15 thinks she’s lying – why not? – but Sylvie admits that she cannot create memories, but can only use what is already there. B-15 then asks Sylvie to do it again. “I looked happy,” says B-15 when she comes out of the spell. “What now?” She asks. You will clearly upset the TVA.

meanwhile on Loki Episode 4, Mobius and Ravonna celebrate with drinks while Loki’s shop closes. But Mobius is also moved after Loki’s repeated admonitions that the TVA is lying to her. He questions Ravonna again about C-20 and Loki, but Ravonna doesn’t give him a straight answer. She says she was just trying to protect Mobius, emphasizes the “unusual friendship” they share, and then talks about the important work they do at TVA. Mobius, who has experience with Lokis lying, apparently catches Ravonna. He toggles the TempPads and then invents an excuse to leave.

Using Ravonna’s TemPad, Mobius discovers what C-20 said during their interrogation – Loki told him the same thing in his face that everyone at TVA had a previous life. Convinced the TVA is lying to him, Mobius enters the time cell to team up with Loki, but when they get out they are confronted by Ravonna (and a number of fighters) who found out that Mobius had switched TemPads. She orders Mobius to be circumcised – oh my god – and Loki is taken away. Ravonna also picks up a soaked Sylvie before she goes to the timekeepers with both of them. In the elevator, Sylvie asks Ravonna how her Nexus event was as a kid. Ravonna says she doesn’t remember what must hurt. Imagine losing your whole life to something the TVA can’t even remember.

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And for the first time in the series’ history Loki Episode 4 finally gives us a look at the three space lizards – sorry, Time Keepers. Before they are circumcised, the timekeepers want to know what Loki and Sylvie have to say for themselves. Loki is tired of getting killed over and over again so he just wants them to be done with it. “Do your best,” he adds. Sylvie, on the other hand, calls her scared. “You are a cosmic disappointment,” replies one of the timekeepers. At that moment, B-15 comes in via the elevator and Sylvie throws a sword. Several battles begin as the time guards watch before Loki and Sylvie win. Sylvie then beheads one of the time watchmen who turn out to be “mindless androids”.

Loki Recap of Episode 2: Say hello to the other Loki

Loki episode 4 Time watchman Loki episode 4

Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie with Time Keeper in Loki Episode 4
Photo credit: Disney / Marvel Studios

Sylvie is disappointed that her whole life has come to this worthless moment. Recognizing what Mobius had previously told him, how their mutual connection caused a nexus event on Lamentis-1, Loki tries to confess his love to Sylvie. But just before he can finish his point, Ravonna circumcises him. Sylvie immediately points the glow stick at Ravonna, who dies happily for the cause, but she has another idea. “No, you will tell me everything,” adds Sylvie as. added Loki Episode 4 shortens the credits.

But technically that’s not the end of Loki Episode 4. Deep in the credits after the Loki Title card falls, we cut to Loki, who is lying somewhere on the floor. Loki, of course, wonders if he’s dead and in Hell, but then he told an older Loki (Richard E. Grant) – who lives with a boy Loki (Jack Veal) and a black Loki (DeObia Oparei) – that it will be him if he doesn’t go with them.

Loki Episode 4 is now streamed on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar. New episodes will air every Wednesday at around 12:30 p.m. IST / 12 p.m. PT.

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