Loki Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Ending Explained

We’re halfway through Loki season 2 and episode 3 has left us with some serious cliffhangers. In this episode of Loki season 2, as I predicted earlier in our episode 2 recapMobius and Loki set out to find Renslayer and Miss Minutes to prevent the temporary loom from collapsing. We see Ouroborus he tries his best to repair the temporary loom, but ultimately he cannot repair it because he cannot access it without the temporary aura of He Who Remains.

Loki and Mobius come to the conclusion that since Miss Minutes has administrative control over the TVA, she can help them fix the loom and if they can find Renslayer, they will also find Miss Minutes with her. Therefore, they both set out to find Renslayer and Miss Minutes based on their Tempad tracks. However, Loki Season 2 Episode 3 has a dramatic ending and many may be confused as to what happened. So let me explain.

Tara Strong’s Miss Minutes and its secrets

Miss Minutes
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Towards the end of Loki Season 2, Episode 3, we learn a lot about Miss Minutes and it turns out that behind that cute face and adorable appearance lies an almost psychotic Terminator-like artificial intelligence. Miss Minutes was last seen in Loki season 1 where she left with Renslayer and now she has reappeared as a sinister mastermind behind planting the origin of the next He Who Remains along with Renslayer.

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We see her delivering a TVA manual to a young boy in 1868 who grew up to be Victor Timely played by Jonathan Majors, one of the variants of He Who Remains. It proves He Who Remains’ prophecy that some of his variants will appear if Sylvie kills him, ultimately resulting in a universal war.

I like that MCU is using Loki season 2 to explore the upcoming Marvel movies such as Avengers Secret Wars and Kang Dynasty; well done Marvel. Returning to Miss Minutes, we see her actively manipulate Timely, who is just a con man at this point, into abandoning Renslayer after he discovers his destiny to be He Who Remains.

We also discover that since Miss Minutes is a fully autonomous AI who literally has a mind of her own, she has a serious crush on He Who Remains and harbors a grudge against him for not giving her a real body. When she confesses her feelings to Victor, he is scared and shocked and eventually captures her in a TemPad.

At the end of this episode, we see Miss Minutes back with Renslayer at the end of time in the citadel of He Who Remains, about to reveal a secret to her that might anger her. And I have a very strong theory about what Renslayer’s big secret is. Want to know? Read on to find out what she’s hiding!

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What does Miss Minutes know about Renslayer in episode 3?

The corpse of he who remains
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The ending of Loki season 2 episode 3 is pretty intense if you ask me. We see Loki and Sylvie in a similar situation as in Loki Season 1, Episode 6. Sylvie has followed Loki and Mobius until 1893 and tries to kill Victor Timely because to her he is just another variant of He Who Remains.

Loki tries to explain to her that they need him to prevent the TVA and the rest of the branched timelines from collapsing. Finally, after all of Loki’s attempts fail, Timely’s own plea to Sylvie saves his life and Loki and Mobius Victor take Timely to the TVA. However, Renslayer is left in the hands of Sylvie, who has long desired to kill her. Surprisingly, instead of killing Renslayer, she opens a time door to the end of time and pushes her in there.

After this, we see a rotting body of He Who Remains that appears to have been there for a very long time, giving us an estimate of how much time has passed. Since time passes differently in this place, a significant amount of time may have passed. Miss Minutes reappears and tells Renslayer that she knows a secret about her, saying, “I can tell you, but it will really make you angry.”

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The question for us is: what does Miss Minutes know about Renslayer? According to my predictions, Miss Minutes could reveal two things to her. First, Miss Minutes can tell Renslayer that she is actually a variant plucked from her timeline and that Mobius and Loki were right all along. Secondly, she can tell Renslayer that she was instrumental in creating the TVA along with He Who Remains and that they were both quite close, but He Who Remains completely erases her memory of it.

Well, the predictions given above are purely based on my instincts and the flow of Loki Season 2. To find out whether what I said is true or not, we will have to wait for Loki Season 2 Episode 4!

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