Madame Web Cast: All Characters in the Upcoming Marvel Movie

The shooting of Madame Web last took place at full speed in Boston, where the photos of the star cast were captured by spectators and the paparazzi alike. This Marvel movie is the subject of much speculation because of the stellar star cast it features. The leading role of Madame Web is played by the Fifty Shades of grey famous Dakota Johnson.

Other famous actors such as Sydney Sweeny and Emma Roberts will also be part of this film. However, there are a lot of speculations and rumors going around about which characters the cast of Madame Web will include. So here, let’s talk about the characters each cast member would play!

1. Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Web (Madame Web)

Dakota Johnson
Source: IMDb

It was confirmed long ago that Dakota Johnson will be part of the cast of this film. However, it was not confirmed which one she would play: Cassandra Web or Julia Carpenter.

This confusion arose when a few photos from the shooting of Mrs. Web leaked out where Dakota could be seen dressed in a red jacket similar to Julia Carpenter’s in the comics. However, the confusion was cleared up when a new cast member was added to the list for the speculated role of Julia Carpenter.

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2. Sydney Sweeny as Julia Carpenter

Sydney Sweeny
Source: IMDb

If you’re not familiar with this character, Julia Carpenter is a pretty well-known character Spider-Man comic lovers. She is the second Spider-Woman who later took up the mantle of the second Arachne. She is relevant in this film because Julia is the one to whom Madame Web transferred her powers when she was about to die, turning her into the new Madame Web.

In this film, Sydney Sweeny would play Julia Carpenter and he could play Arachne, who later turns into Madame Web.

3. Celeste O’Connor as Mattie Franklin

Celeste O'Connor
Source: Twitter

The next cast member of Madame Web is Celeste O’Connor, who is speculated to play the role of Mattie Franklin. She is the niece of J. Jonah Jameson and the third character to be named Spider-Woman in the Spider-Man comic book verse.

She is the daughter of Jerry Franklin, who is rumored to be played by Mike Eps. It would be interesting to see what names they use in the movie, since Julia Carpenter is also Spider-Woman initially. So there is a possibility that Carpenter will be seen as Arachne in Madame Web.

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4. Isabela Merced as Anya Corazon

Isabella Merced
Source: IMDb

Isabela Merced is rumored to be playing Anya Corazon in Madame Web, one of the much younger spider people in this universe. She got her powers not from a spider bite, but from magic.

Anya saw a man being attacked by a strange group of attackers. She got involved in the fight and suffered several injuries to save him. This man was Miguel Legar, a wizard for the Spider societywho saw her as someone with the heart of a hero and took her to his base and gradually granted her superpowers, after which she took up the mantle of Spider-Girl.

5. Emma Roberts as Mary Parker

Emma Roberts
Source: IMDb

Mind you, this is Mary Parker played by Emma Roberts, not May Parker. This is clear enough to show us how far back Madame Web’s story takes place in the Spider-Man universe.

Now we don’t know who will play Richard Parker, but since this movie is set in the Sony universe, same as “The great Spider Man”, we might get to see Campbell Scott as Richard Parker.

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6. Adam Scott as Ben Parker

Adam Scott
Source: IMDb

Adam Scott is reportedly playing Ben Parker in this film, adding him to the list of “Uncle Ben(s)” in the Spider-Man universe. But he will obviously be a much younger Ben Parker, which gives us an idea of ​​how early in the timeline this movie is set.

We don’t know yet who will be playing his wife May Parker, but we’ll let you know as soon as we get our hands on some information.

7. Tahar Rahim as alternate Spider-Man

Tahar Rahim
Source: Twitter

Certain pictures of Tahar Rahim in a spandex suit have surfaced online (through Cosmic Circus) which look very similar to the Spider-Man suit. There are rumors among the fanbase that he may be playing an alternate version of Spider-Man that existed before Peter Parker came into the picture.

While we’re not sure which version of Spider-Man it is, it’s still going to be pretty exciting to see where this goes. So these are all the cast members of the Madame Web movie that we know about now.

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