Magic Arena MOD APK 1.87 (Unlimited Money)

Download Magic Arena MOD APK 1.87 (Unlimited Money) for free

Mighty Party: Magic Arena is a tactical game with a fantasy world and majestic-looking enemies worth taking on. Players will use the cards at their disposal to defeat their enemies with terrifying magic. Let’s explore this game through the post below of APKGeneral!

Magic Arena MOD APK 1.87 (Unlimited Money)

About Mighty Party: Magic Arena

If you are looking for a fast-paced mobile game with flexible speed, a diverse character system, and many brainstorming turn-based battles, try Mighty Party: Magic Arena APK.

Players will transform into a hero with the power to completely wipe out the dark forces in the game. So you will spend your time completing different challenges that you will surely enjoy thanks to the beautiful and impressive graphics. In addition, in the new updated version, players will experience a new design or event system to change the game experience and look forward to the game more.

Simple but extremely attractive gameplay

The first level of the game is quite similar to StickWar. You need to move around to fight. Strength scores are displayed on top of the troops. You will start off with the weakest whose battle points are lower than you. You need to defeat this soldier, then recruit him to be your ally and move on to fight other enemies with stronger stats.

For example, if you initially get 15 points, defeat a soldier who has only 10 points. Defeat him, and you will have a total of 25 points. You will move to the area of those having 20 points to deal with them. After that, the total score is 45, go on to kill the next group. Through each turn and attack, if successful, the score increases, and you will get more troops or more new equipment and weapons such as swords, spears, bows …

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Calculate carefully to win

Level 2 will be a completely different game. You are placed on a chessboard and play as your heroes to fight against the enemies on the other side. Like the rule of chess, when the “king” loses his life, all soldiers die. And the ultimate task of all soldiers is to protect the king.

Mighty Party: Magic Arena MOD APK

This is also the main genre of this game, and the levels are the same as the first. The operation of the game is quite simple. Just touch the desired point after thinking carefully about it. Your soldiers will automatically attack without worrying about their fate. The one with the highest score will definitely win.

This chess-style turn-based combat is considered a great combination of action, strategy, and role-playing. Each level has different obstacles, groups of monsters, and kings that will force you to fight. If you win, you will move on to the next scene. All the skills you need are to match the right soldiers with the right weapons to maximize the abilities of the characters, launch the battle at the right time to change the outcome of the war, and calculate the relative health between our side and the enemy to send out troops reasonably.

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The more heroes you add, the greater your power

If you destroy all the enemy troops or work hard to defeat the “king” as quickly as possible, the chessboard will end, and the victory is yours. After each victory, you will unlock new soldier characters, and have more advanced weapons and equipment. The more heroes you unlock, the higher the ability to quickly capture and destroy them.

You can play comfortably and do your best to win the first battle to collect as many troops as possible. There are hundreds of heroes and monsters in Mighty Party: Magic Arena. Therefore, the transformation ability of your side and the enemy side is equally rich. Possessing a powerful and diverse legion will help you get ready before the enemy unleashes the most fearsome monsters.

The heroes in the game are divided into many categories such as warriors, knights, undead, mages, elves, dragons, orcs … with hundreds of mythical creatures and countless special characters that when unlocked many times, you will be speechless because of their size.

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Become a great strategist

Having many troops in hand is not enough, you also need a reasonable and unpredictable defensive attack strategy to win with the least damage. For example, use Warrior to attack strong enemy forces, but have a Mage behind you that will take turns dealing critical hits.

In parallel, place an archer on an empty chessboard to “fight” right in front of the king. To handle the game quickly, keeping the enemy busy, distracted, and fighting in many lanes, giving the empty space for you to reach the king is a trick that I often use when playing this game. Fortunately, the enemy AIs are quite “stupid”, they only rely on a lot of blood clotting, and they are also very brave but unscrupulous.

MOD Version of Mighty Party: Magic Arena

MOD Features

Unlimited Money: With this feature of the MOD version, you can get a lot of bonuses when winning levels. In addition, you can also buy Diamonds with Gold, even if there is no Gold left.

Download Mighty Party: Magic Arena MOD APK for Android

Mighty Party: Magic Arena, is a strategy game that combines two gameplay styles, RPG, and turn-based, with real-time and fast-paced PvP action, stimulating creativity in every battle. The game has a rich system of heroes and monsters. If you love this game, you can download the MOD APK version for Android HERE.


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