Microsoft Copilot AI is Coming To Windows 10; Details & How To Get It

MS Copilot Ai recommended

Microsoft just got a lot of users their last lifeline before they have to stop using Windows 10. If you didn’t know, official support for Windows 10 ends on October 14, 2025. But luckily, MS isn’t abandoning the operating system or skimping on updates just yet. In fact, in a surprising move, Microsoft has just confirmed that it will deliver very useful solutions Copilot AI function from Windows11 to Windows10.

The rapidly evolving innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) has certainly had a major impact on the way we use our PCs today. Microsoft says Copilot in Windows’in the middle’ and that ‘this new era of AI further increases the value and importance of the PC.’ It also confirmed that it “extend that value to more people”, bringing Copilot to Windows 10!

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Copilot in Windows is officially only available in the ‘preview’ phase, although there were discussions about it stable versions release close. So is the Copilot AI feature in Windows only available in select markets for now, so your mileage at purchase will vary. You can learn more about it Microsoft Copilot easy. This AI assistant is basically baked into Windows, with the aim of helping the user and significantly improving their productivity.

Windows copilot 10
Microsoft Copilot AI

How to get Copilot AI on Windows 10

According to the official insiderblogMicrosoft will release Copilot AI for Windows 10 in pre-release preview 22H2 Home and Pro editions. The feature requires at least 4 GB of RAM and a screen resolution of 720P. The update is being rolled out to Release preview channels first of the Insider program. To ensure you receive the update, be sure to sign up and toggle the ‘Get the latest updates as soon as they are available‘. Now simply click on ‘Check for updates‘ and wait for the latest feature update and the Copilot AI update for Windows 10.

how to get Microsoft Copilot AI feature on Windows 10
How to get Copilot on Windows 10

What do you think of the arrival of Microsoft Copilot AI in Windows 10? Do you think this tool will be useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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