Microsoft Launcher MOD APK 6.210602.1.994630 (Premium)

Download Microsoft Launcher MOD APK 6.210602.1.994630 (Premium) for free

If you own an Android phone and you want to tweak its look, let’s download the Microsoft Launcher app – a simple application with an intuitive and user-friendly design. It is considered a good application that helps users to highly customize, arrange and adjust the interface as desired. Let’s see what useful features that Microsoft Launcher provides users through the following article!

Microsoft Launcher MOD APK 6.210602.1.994630 (Premium)

About the Microsoft Launcher app

Microsoft Launcher is an application for Android released by Microsoft. It helps Android users have a better and faster experience. When launching Microsoft Launcher, Microsoft’s aim was to provide users with a user-centric base, for Windows and Office applications through a Microsoft account.

The Microsoft Launcher app provides a customizable feed of display information that is relevant and personalized to the user. It includes information from different newspaper pages according to custom countries, or job listings, calendar of events, activities… When you swipe the screen from the bottom, the screen will display the shortcuts of apps, a search bar, and the apps you just installed. In addition, this application also provides users with highly personalized designs.

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Outstanding features of Microsoft Launcher

Maximum user support

A feature that gives users the best experience is the optimal synchronization from computer to phone. When you download the app, it will ask you to sign in. Please use your Microsoft account with the account on the computer to synchronize!

Moreover, Microsoft Launcher also suggests you the applications for work in a separate folder such as Microsoft Excel, Skype, Microsoft Word… Download and use the necessary applications, and delete the suggestions that do not need to use.

Own a huge background image from Bing

If before, you had to change your phone background image manually to refresh your phone, when using Microsoft Launcher, you will be replaced with Bing’s image. At the same time, you can also use Microsoft’s huge photo store with a few simple steps to change your avatar. The process of changing the background image for you will be done randomly until you choose a background image you like.

Synchronization between phone and computer is very good

The synchronization feature between the phone and the computer will bring a lot of advantages to working. For example, when you create a note on Microsoft Launcher, your computer, regardless of the version of Windows 10, immediately receives a note notification on the Sticky Note app. And vice versa, when you create a note on Sticky Note, it also appears on the phone’s notes section. In addition, the unfinished work you do on your computer can also be done right on your phone.

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Glance interface gives users convenience

With a simple swipe of the screen to the right, Launcher’s Glance interface will help you synchronize with your phone’s calendar or computer’s Outlook. Thereby creating reminders, events, or creating calendar notifications from the lock screen. Moreover, you can also follow the latest news or unfinished tasks on your computer and phone. In addition, Microsoft Launcher also calculates the user’s screen time. From here, users will know their own habits to make reasonable adjustments.

Modern interface of Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher allows you to arrange the interface alphabetically like the interface of Windows 10. However, it is very modern and easy to use for Android users.

Once you’ve chosen the right interface for you, remember to back up your Microsoft data. This will help you when you change your phone, you will be able to use the settings you like to share with friends.

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Some disadvantages of the Microsoft Launcher application

Microsoft Launcher is only suitable for Android phones with high configuration, but for low-profile models, there will be lag when using.

• The Microsoft Launcher interface has not been synchronized. The screen application icons are square, round, so the aesthetic is not perfect.

• You cannot perform operations to send messages or transfer files to your PC because the application is not fully synchronized.


Overall, Microsoft Launcher is a great customization app for the Android operating system. This application not only makes the phone interface better. But it also has a lot of other features such as dark mode, personalized news, a large image store from Bing, improved user performance, and the ability to synchronize with PC. Overall, if you’re using an Android device, you can’t ignore the Microsoft Launcher app. Let’s download and experience right now! Thanks for visiting APKGeneral, and have a nice day.


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