Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2023: New Mob Details, How to Vote, and More

October has arrived and with it a very exciting time for the Minecraft community. MinecraftLive 2023 is scheduled for October 15 and the first details for the Minecraft 1.21 update will be revealed. However, before the event there will be one more major event, and that is the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023. It is a community-based vote that allows players to contribute to the future of the game, by choosing the new mob that will join the game will be added. In this article, we share everything you need to know about the upcoming mob candidates so you can easily choose your favorite.

Choose the next new Minecraft Mob


The first mob option of Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 has just been revealed. It’s a crab! At the official demonstration videothere is something unusual about the scratching one vibrant blue shell. Moreover, one of its claws is quite large compared to the others. The crowd will consist of the inhabitants of the mangrove swamp biomes and will apparently be able to climb blocks vertically. This is a very cool mechanism that only spiders have so far.

One of the crabs in the video is submerged in the water and it appears as if only the giant claw is visible. Perhaps it is so large that they are completely protected from getting soaked. Tinies mentions in the video that players will love the crab claw because it allows them to do so place blocks further away. What does this actually mean? Will players be encouraged to kill the crab and get its claw? Will it then become some kind of instrument? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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It’s another day and another mob has been announced for Mob Vote 2023! This time it’s an armadillo! This cute creature lives in the warm climate of savannah biomes. The most interesting fact about it revealed in the official video is that it drops of scales. These items are then used in creation armor for your tamed wolf.

This simple addition makes the wolves so much stronger and more suitable for larger battles. And if the armor is paintable, like the leather horse armor, your doggos will even look nice fighting off those stupid zombies!

Armadillo mob shown in the official Minecraft video
Image courtesy: Minecraft YouTube Channel

But will the armadillos drop scales randomly, as they mature or perhaps when they are killed? We don’t know for sure yet. Although we hope it drops them willingly, because it would be a crime to kill such a lovely looking bunch! What do you think of the armadillo? Does it look like this could be the winner? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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The final mob in the Mob Vote 2023 has been announced! Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the penguin! This cute and super friendly gang will be featured in the currently pretty boring Stony Shore biomes. They would be both land and water mobs, just like axolotls. Even though they are quite clumsy on land, penguins will be great swimmers.

And they would use their skills to help you too. So their ability would be to do that make your boat sail faster, so you can arrive at your destination on time. Would that mechanism function in the same way as the dolphin’s grace effect, or perhaps in a different way? What do you think? Would you like penguins to guide your boat? Tell us and all our readers in the comments section below!

Penguin Gang announced in the official Mob Vote video
Image courtesy: Minecraft YouTube Channel

Remark: Mojang has revealed all the mob candidates in the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 at the time of writing. We will update this post as we learn more about the winner of this exciting event, so stay tuned for updates!

How to vote in Minecraft Mob Vote 2023?

The voting process in Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 is the same as last year. You can cast your vote in three different ways:

  • Within a dedicated Bedrock server
  • Within the Minecraft Launcher
  • On the official Minecraft website
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Voting begins on October 13 at 1:00 PM EDT (10:30 PM IST) and will last exactly 48 hours and 15 minutes, ending on October 15 at 1:15 PM EDT (or 10:45 PM IST). This gives everyone in the Minecraft community plenty of time to vote for their favorite mob.

Beebom Poll: Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

Until the official Mob Vote begins, we’ve made our own poll available to the community. Here you can see which mob is most loved by the community and which one has the highest chance of coming to the game. So don’t forget to vote and share your opinion with our readers.

Remark: This is NOT an official Mob vote, but a poll for Beebom readers. The official Mob Vote 2023 begins on October 13 at 1:00 PM EDT (10:30 PM IST). If you want your vote to be counted when choosing the next mob, you must vote in one of the three ways explained above.

So that’s it all, we know about the mobs in Minecraft Mob Vote 2023! What do you think of them? What’s your favorite choice? Would you rather place blocks further away, make protective armor for your dogs, or make your boat go faster? Tell us in the comments below!

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