MSI Summit E16 Flip 2-in-1 laptop review

MSI Summit E16 Flip 2-in-1 laptop review


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MSI’s Summit E16 Flip is a business laptop for content creators that features an Intel Core i7 CPU, Nvidia RTX 3050 laptop GPU, WiFi 6E, PCIe Gen 4 SSD and a 16-inch QHD + display in a 2-in-1. packaged form factor. Thanks to the device’s 360-degree hinge, you can use it in tent mode or flip the screen completely and use it in tablet mode. Thanks to MPP 2.0 technology and the award-winning MSI pen with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, digital artists can draw and comment on the touchscreen without having to lug around a separate graphics tablet.

Since MSI designed the Summit E16 Flip with the makers in mind, the device has a variety of connections, including two full-size USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, two Thunderbolt 4 ports, a MicroSD card reader, and an audio jack. However, there is also a fingerprint sensor and webcam lock switch on the side for when you’re not video conferencing. The backlit keyboard makes it easier to work in low light, although the smaller number pad on the left side of the keyboard and trackpad seem a bit cramped.

However, if you can work on your creative projects anywhere, it will cost you and the Summit E16 Flip configuration ships to TechRadar Pro costs $ 2,299 (about $ 1,703), although you can choose a configuration with less RAM or a smaller SSD to bring the price down to $ 1999 (about $ 1,481).

Prices and availability

MSI offers three configurations of the Top E16 flip (A11UCT-015, A11UCT-019 and A11UCT-026) on his website, depending on how much storage space you need. The first comes with Windows 10 Home, a 1T NVMe SSD and 32GB LPDDR4X RAM for $ 1,999 (approx Windows 10 Pro, but with double RAM and storage with 32 GB LPDDR4X and a 2 TB NVMe SSD for 2,299 US dollars (approx. 1,703 US dollars) However, all three configurations can be upgraded to Windows 11 and also come with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 laptop GPU.

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In contrast to other business laptops that have similar designs and only try to surpass each other in terms of specifications, the MSI Summit E16 Flip stands out from the crowd thanks to its golden ratio design. While this can be seen most clearly in the 16:10 aspect ratio display, which even has a Fibonacci sequence as its default background, there are small nuances of the golden ratio throughout the device, from the golden border around the trackpad and screen to the golden MSI. Logo on the lid of the device.

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The MSI Summit E16 Flip weighs 1.9 kg and is 35.86 cm wide, 25.78 cm long and 1.67 cm high. In fact, MSI goes so far as to claim that the Summit E16 Flip is the “thinnest 16-inch convertible laptop in the 2-in-1 laptop market.” The device is definitely thin and light enough to be carried in a backpack all day without any problems

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When you open the lid of the Summit E16 Flip, the star of the show emerges, the device’s 16-inch QHD + display. To give creative people more space on the screen and to keep up with the design philosophy of the golden ratio, the Summit E16 Flip supports an aspect ratio of 16:10. The bezels on either side are pretty thin, while the bezel on the top of the device is slightly larger as it houses a 720p IR HD webcam that comes with four microphones and AI noise cancellation.

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On the left side of the Summit E16 Flip you will find an HDMI port as well as two USB-C ports that offer Thunderbolt 4 connectivity and fast charging via USB Power Delivery. While the device’s webcam has no physical cover, there is also a webcam lock switch on the left side.

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On the right side of the device there are two USB 3.2 Type-A ports, a microSD card reader and an audio combo socket that can also be used with a headset.

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Although the Summit E16 Flip is just over 14 inches wide, it has a fully backlit 84-key keyboard. However, MSI had to make some compromises in order to cram the numeric keypad on the right. The number keys, arrow keys, and the right shift key are all a bit smaller, but at least there is a second Enter key in addition to the arrow keys. Below the keyboard there is a somewhat small trackpad with a gold border and a fingerprint reader.

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Since the Summit E16 Flip was primarily designed for developers, all three configurations of the device are equipped with an Intel Core i7 (1195G7) processor with a clock rate of 2.9 GHz, which together with an Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 can be up to Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 laptop GPU with 4 GB GDDR6 can boost 5.0 GHz single core turbo. In terms of connectivity, the Summit E16 Flip offers Wi-Fi 6E support and Bluetooth 5.2 thanks to the built-in Intel Killer AX1675 (2 × 2) wireless adapter.

data sheet

Here are the full specs of the MSI Summit E16 Flip sent to Ditching Pro for review:

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CENTRAL PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7 1195G7

Graphic: Nvidia RTX 3050


Screen: 16-inch QHD + (2560 x 1600) 16:10 resolution

Warehouse: 2 TB NVMe SSD

Ports: 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 2, 2 x USB-C with Thunderbolt 4 and Power Delivery, 1 x HDMI, microSD, audio jack

Connectivity: Intel 9461, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1

Weight: 1.9 kg

Measure: 358 x 257 x 16.7 mm (H x W x D)

Battery: 82Wh

The device’s 16-inch QHD + screen is touch sensitive and can recognize 10 different touch inputs. The display also features MPP2.0 technology and has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity when using the supplied MSI pen. The MSI Pen was not only MSI’s first input pen, but also won an award for the best computer peripherals and accessories at CES last year. While you can use the pen in laptop mode, the Summit E16 Flip’s 360 hinge allows you to flip the screen completely and use it as a large notepad for drawing, freehand writing, and taking notes.

Even with such a thin and light device, MSI managed to pack an 82 Wh battery that supposedly lasts 11 hours on a single charge. In our practical test, however, we managed to achieve almost eight hours of battery life with low brightness and the device in performance mode. However, if the battery should run out while on the move, the relatively small 90 W fast-charging power supply unit can extend the life of the Summit E16 Flip by 2.5 hours with just 15 minutes of charge.

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Performance and usage


This is how the MSI Summit E16 Flip performed in our benchmark test series:

Password: 3564

Passmark CPU: 13191

CPU-Z: 598.3 (single wire); 2903 (multi-core)

Geek Bank: 1540 (single wire); 5846 (multicore); 52936 (calculate)

3DMark: 4028 (time spy); 8974 (fire strike); 25050 (nightfall)

CrystalDiskMark: 6544 Mbit / s (read); 4925 (writing)

Cinebench Multi-CPU: 5294

Novabank: 2744

Atto: 6006 MB / s (read, 256 MB); 4590 MB / s (write, 256 MB)

AJA: 5147 Mbit / s (read); 4227 Mbit / s (write)

Windows Experience Index: 8.3

With an 11th Intel Core i7 CPU, design and modeling in 3D and more. While you can get lighter creative work done on the go, you’ll likely want to have this device plugged in for heavier workloads.

In our tests, we found the Summit E16 Flip to be a very fast and responsive device for office work and general web browsing. The backlit keyboard was bright enough when working in dimly lit areas at night, and while the keys are a bit mushy, they still have good travel. The smaller Shift key on the right took some time to get used to, and we found the number keys on the right usable, but not ideal for those who work with spreadsheets a lot. The trackpad performed well too and was wide enough, but considering the size of this laptop, it could be a bit bigger as there is a lot of space between it and the keyboard.

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The included MSI pen has two buttons on the base and a Bluetooth button on the back, which can even be used as a remote control during presentations. While you can use the Summit E16 Flip’s MSI pen to draw and write on the screen without pairing it, you can customize the functionality of the top button and use it to control PowerPoint presentations with one click to go to the next slide and two clicks to return to the previous slide. Holding down the top button also brings up the MSI Pen Control app, where you can change what the button does when you click once or twice.

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Since MSI also supplied its modern MD271QP business monitor, we also tested the Summit E16 Flip. With the device on a laptop stand, we connected it to the monitor via Thunderbolt 4 and could easily extend the display and charge the device at the same time.

Should I buy the MSI Summit E16 Flip?

Buy it when:

You want a laptop with pen support. Not only does the Summit E16 Flip come with the MSI Pen, which is magnetically attached to the side of the laptop, but because the device has Microsoft Pen Protocol 2.0 (MPP 2.0), you can also use an existing pen (such as the one from the Microsoft Surface) as a replacement.

You want more screen for your buck. Since the Summit E16 Flip’s 16-inch QHD + display has a 16:10 aspect ratio, it means you can get even more screen real estate to work without having to opt for a larger device.

Don’t Buy It If:

Do you want a Gaming laptop. While every configuration of the Summit E16 Flip includes an Nvidia RTX 3050, this laptop GPU focuses more on productivity and running creative software like Photoshop. You can still use it for light gaming, but you may need to lower the resolution to get higher frame rates in modern titles.

You’ll need a full-sized number pad and a larger touchpad. The addition of a full keyboard to the Summit E16 Flip is a welcome addition, but the smaller number keys can make things difficult if you spend a lot of time on spreadsheets. At the same time, the touchpad is wide enough, but the low height can make multi-touch gestures a bit difficult to use in Windows.

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