Naruto Senki Mod Apk 1.30 Download Full Characters

Naruto Senki 2D Anime Game for Android. Today here you will download Naruto Senki Mod apk game without chilling. This is the new Naruto Senki mod from the modder team of this game. Here is a large selection of Android games, the latest being the Naruto Senki MOD APK (Updated 2022). For those who are interested, here I also show some collections of Naruto Senki games with different mods installed. The following settings are just for my friends who enjoy this game. Choose your own settings based on the mod version. There are many new updates that you need to know, so please stay with us till the end.

Naruto Senki

About Naruto Senki

Naruto Senki is a 2D RPG game for Android based on Naruto Anime. If you want Naruto anime because it is one of the most popular anime in the world and many people like to play Naruto Game on your phone. Today you will see Naruto Senki latest release of 2021 with all anime characters. In Mod you will see many new modifications in the home screen, menu and character selection menu. The home screen background only has Naruto in its original form. Battle select wallpaper have streetscape of anime & music. You can play this game offline without any problem only on Android.

The name of this Android game, Naruto Senki, refers to the main character of the upcoming anime, Naruto. This game gives you three skills to use and you must team up with two additional skills to beat your opponents. You must defeat your opponents as well as destroy crystals to be successful in this game. In terms of gameplay, it’s essentially a fast-paced version of the game’s “crawl” mode.

Naruto Senki Apk Game MODS

  • Free Battle:- This is 3v3 battle mode. Here you can randomly select one character and other 2 characters in your team. Choose your character and start the game in Free Battle Mode. Your team characters will see you on the battlefield.
  • Online Battle:- Here you can fight with other players around you. But in this time this game mode doesn’t work because the server is down.
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This is Naruto Senki Apk V1.22 and more battle modes are in the works. After some time and in the next version you will see more game modifications that will make this game more fun and interesting. Naruto Ninja heroes are ready for battle. Defeat all enemies to make your ninja team stronger. With each next level, your character will gain new powers, such as level 2 to unlock new powers and level 4 to unlock another new power.

Naruto Senki Mod Apk

playing style

The only Classic Battle mod you will see in game. You have to choose a character to start the fight. At the beginning of the fight you are alone and as you progress you will see enemies that you must defeat. You will also have a team made up of 10 to 15 little ninja warriors. Which will help you win the battle. You will also see some similar little ninja warriors near your opponent’s team. You have 3 super attacks that you can use to win the battle. All characters have 5 super attacks and 2 types of combos. In the beginning, players can only use 3 super attacks, but by playing this game, players can unlock more attacks. Characters can perform Runing, Combat Attacks, Transformation, and Recharge of Life Bar.

Naruto Senki Ultimate Ninja Legend apk

Naruto Senki Full Characters

In this Naruto Senki game you have more than 60 characters from Naruto Shippuden anime. You are also watching Naruto Shippuden anime and you already know all the characters and his attacks. So if you want to play naruto game with real anime attacks then don’t worry because in this game you can fire real naruto attacks of all characters. Which characters in this game have the list is given below.

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Naruto Uzumaki Sasuke Uchiha
Sakura Haruno Minato Namikaze
Sai Kakashi Hatake
Jiraiya Gaara
Kiba Inuzuka kakuzu
deidara Danzo Shimura
Obito Uchiha Shisui Uchiha
Neji Hyuuga Itachi Uchiha
Hagoromo Otsutsuki Kisame Hoshigaki
Ten ten jirobo
hiruko kankuro
Boruto Orochimaru
Shikamaru Yugo
tendon pain Zabuza Momochi
Rook Lee Could guy
Tobirama Senju killer bee
Naruto Senki All Characters

Features of Naruto Senki Apk 1.30 No Cooldown

Do you love playing hard fighting games? You can now choose from a plethora of exciting fighting games, most of them taking their inspiration from popular anime episodes. It only helps to highlight how many people love anime and these video games and nothing more than that.

So, if you are ever looking for a Naruto game that you can enjoy, you should download Naruto Senki and you will not regret it. This classic video game features some of the most innovative and effective combat mechanics ever created. This is a game that can be played even if you don’t have access to the internet as it is an offline game.

Naruto Senki Apk Unlimited Money

This is a welcome relief as it allows you to play a challenging Naruto Senki Apk Unlimited Money on your phone’s battery for a significantly longer period of time. Here you can improve your combat skills through a series of levels while developing your characters’ skills. You can now view many fascinating materials in one place. The gameplay in this game takes place in a two-dimensional space and allows you to choose the character you want to control.

New levels

You can now play this game on different levels and it is likely that you will enjoy the characters as much as the gameplay of the game. In this regard, the video game faithfully recreates both the protagonists and antagonists from the anime. When you play this game you are in control.

New Characters

It seems that you can navigate with the navigation pad. The skills can be accessed using the buttons on the right side of the screen. Play as and engage in combat with a variety of characters from the Naruto universe, such as: B. as Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Pain, Hinata, Choji, Kakashi, Gaara, Minato, Orochimaru, Rock Lee and Deidara. You will find the battle sequences in this film really interesting.

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What’s new in the latest version of Naruto Senki Apk

Take part in battles with your favorite ninjas, amazing ninja moves and a variety of opponents.

One of the most requested games where this game is very intriguing because it introduces the fighting style between you and either your computer or your friends. In fact, despite the fact that the game has been available for so long, there are still a large number of people interested in trying out this game as it is so exceptional. The changed characters or themes are quite different from the beginning of the game, which is one reason why the game doesn’t seem boring.

Ninjas can participate in any type of battle you want and you can choose from a variety of modes such as: B. 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs. 3, 4 vs 4, 5 vs 5, Random Deathmatch and Clone Ninjas (3vs3)…

This is by far the best game played at home. This game has the potential to be fun due to the large number of characters and the abilities they possess.

How to Install and Play Naruto Senki Apk

  1. Download the Apk, the link is given below.
  2. Once downloaded, then install it. Depending on the device, it took some time.
  3. Extract game with any RAR and Zip extractor app.
  4. Then you will see the apk file and install it to start playing.
  5. If you are facing the application unavailable issue. So go to your android device file manager application and install this apk from there.
  6. If you encounter the app not installed issue, check your SD card, internal storage and RAM, there should be 200MB free space.
  7. Disable and reinstall PlayStore game protection.
  8. You can also try restarting your device.

Requirements and Additional Information

Surname Naruto Senki
size 123MB
Mod by Tutorial production Senki
platform Android
genre RPG, fight
execution Latest version 2021
Android 4.1
R.A.M. 1GB
processor any
online off-line Offline
Naruto Senki
Download now


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