Netflix Tests Redesigned UI for Web; Here’s How It Looks!

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Netflix is ​​often seen adding various new features, including games, on its mobile apps, but the streaming platform has not made any changes to its web version lately. However, according to recent reports, Netflix might be testing a redesigned UI for its web client that provides a sleeker view of the content and shows more information as compared to the current UI. So, let’s take a look at the details.

Netflix Tests Redesigned UI for web

A Look at Netflix’s Redesign UI on Web

Currently, if you visit Netflix using a web browser on your desktop or laptop, you would see the featured movie or TV show at the top with categories like “Because You Watched” or “Continue Watching” located just below it.

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However, according to a recent report by BGR, Netflix is ​​currently testing a new UI that adds a redesigned carousel for similar movies and TV shows below the featured content, providing more information about the content. You can check out the preview of it attached right below.

New Netflix UI | Image courtesy: BGR

As you can see, the redesigned UI looks much better than the current UI. It’s cleaner and adds an overlayed carousel of movies and TV shows that you might like on top of the featured content. We have added a screenshot of what Netflix for the web currently looks like. You can check out the attachment for your reference. We weren’t able to see the new UI for ourselves at the time of writing, though!

Current Netflix UI

Additionally, other than showing the poster of the movies or TV shows, the new carousel provides short descriptions of each movie and TV show besides them. This provides more clarity for the user to decide whether or not they want to watch a movie or a TV show.

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Now, you must know that Netflix is ​​currently testing this redesign with a select few users. There is no information on when the company aims to make it available for global users. There are chances it might not even happen. So, stay tuned for further updates, and let us know your thoughts about the redesigned UI on Netflix’s web client in the comments below.

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