New Samsung Projector Lets You Watch Movies on a Ceiling

Download New Samsung Projector Lets You Watch Movies on a Ceiling for free

Samsung recently released a new portable projector at the CES 2022 trade show. The new model, called The Freestyle, is all about portability and is different from the bulky Premiere model which can produce a screen of up to 130 inches. The Freestyle projector comes with several advanced features, a 180-degree cradle stand and weighs only about 830 grams. Let’s see all the details here.

Samsung's new portable freestyle projector lets you watch movies and TV shows on the ceiling

Samsung Freestyle portable projector launched

Starting with the design, the Freestyle projector comes in a compact, cylindrical form factor, attached to a 180-degree cradle stand. The stand allows users to freely adjust the angle of the projector to cast a screen on any wall or even the ceiling of a room. In addition, the projector can be attached to a standard E26 lamp socket using a base accessory to cast a screen on a tabletop.

As for the display, the Freestyle can produce a screen of up to 100 inches with a resolution of 1080p. Moreover, the users can easily scale the screen according to their needs. Samsung also says users don’t need a white wall to get accurate colors. The Freestyle comes with a Smart Calibration feature that allows it to match the colors of the content to the color of the surface.

As for the portability aspect of the Freestyle, the projector comes with a waterproof housing and a portable battery so that users can take it with them on a camping trip or an all-day picnic. Plus, Samsung promises they won’t need an extra speaker as the Freestyle has powerful built-in speakers with support for 360-degree audio.

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Apart from this, the Freestyle comes with most of Samsung’s Smart TV features and also allows users to mirror their TV screens on a wall. They can also use the projector’s supplied lens cap to produce mood lighting in a room. In addition, it comes with support for far-field voice control via Samsung’s smart voice assistant Bixby.

Price and availability

Given the price and availability of the Freestyle projector, it is currently available for pre-order on Samsung Official Website for $899 (~Rs 66,770) in the US. If you pre-order now, you’ll be eligible for: get a free $60 (~Rs 4,460) case for the projector. The offer ends on January 23.

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As for the projector’s availability in other markets, Samsung says it will gradually become available for purchase in other regions in the coming months.

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