New Team Deathmatch Map “Drift” Coming to Valorant This Week

Valorant’s already massive card pool is expanding with the addition of a new card. This time, however, it is not a regular card, but a TDM card. Since the Team Deathmatch mode was introduced, each player had to repeatedly play the same three cards. That changes with the addition of the new Team Deathmatch card “Drift” in Valorant. Riot teased this map with multiple Instagram posts, eventually unveiling the Drift Team Deathmatch map at VCT Game Changers.

The official release date for the ‘Drift’ map has been announced December 5, 2023. The date was officially announced this weekend during VCT Game Changers. Check out the map’s trailer to get an idea of ​​what this map has to offer:

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As you can see in the trailer, there is now a zipline in the center of the map. This map has a fresh look with familiar elements that add to the already chaotic game mode. After the Fracture card, this becomes the card with a usable zipline in the game.

Along with the gameplay, the map itself looks visually appealing with plenty of island paradise vibes. Since more than half of the map resembles an island from Southeast Asia, the other half feels modern and resembles the Riot’s Kingdom association.

Drift layout

With only two days to go before the release of the new map, we can’t wait to play something different from those old maps in Team Deathmatch. Let us know your thoughts on the new TDM map in the comments below.

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