‘No Plans to Integrate Source 2’ in Apex Legends, Confirms Dev

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Apex Legends is one of the best and most skilled battle royale games out there. Period of time. The game has been out for over 4 years and now includes over 20 legends and a ton of extra content. However, that doesn’t mean Apex Legends is a perfect game and has seen its fair share of bugs, audio issues, and other complaints from the community. So when Counterattack 2 was released earlier this year based on the new Source 2 engine, the community began to question it if Apex Legends would ever get such an upgrade.

Well, I recently got the chance to play Apex Legends Season 19 and decided to ask this question to the developers. Well, the short one The answer is NO. Apex Legends will not be getting a Source 2 engine upgrade.

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Now it is very normal to ask yourself: why? It’s actually very simple. Apex Legends is based on the Source engine, yes, but Respawn forked the Source engine a LONG time ago to suit their development needs. It was even before the original Titanfall game was released.

They have “The engine has been heavily modified since then,” Evan Nikolich, Design Director at Respawn (Apex Legends), told Beebom via email. He added that “the version of Source used for Portal 2 was not built with the intention of supporting a battle royale with wide open spaces!”

In response to Beebom’s question about future plans and whether a Source 2 engine upgrade for Apex Legends is on the cards, Nikolich said: “We have changed engine technology in so many ways and will continue to grow the engine to meet Apex’s needs. There are no plans at this time to integrate Source 2.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Respawn’s decision to stick with their heavily modified Source engine for their beloved BR game. Earlier, in a tweetRespawn technical director Michael Kalas said their engine will “never be replaced in the Apex/Titanfall universe.”

So for fans who were expecting Apex Legends 2 to launch sometime in the future, that probably won’t be the case. However, the statement tells us one thing. Respawn’s developer team is constantly developing the engine to enable new features, such as the recently launched Cross progress. So we can expect the team to continue making progress in their engine to fix issues with audio, latency, and more.

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For now, don’t forget to check out the latest Apex Legends Season 19 update. Try the cool new shield healer Pipe and the map changes at Storm Point. A nice surprise awaits you in Wattson’s Town Takeover.

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