Not Just a Test, YouTube Is Now Blocking Ad Blockers Globally

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YouTube has been steadily increasing its anti-adblocker stance for some time now. Although the company made a limited number of attempts to provide users with ad blockers, it seems that things have now changed. The company has now started completely blocking ad blockers across the world. This is an interesting change that affects everyone. This also means a lot for users without YouTube Premium. Let’s talk about it.

YouTube permanently blocks the use of ad blockers; Terms of service updated

As mentioned, it was previously speculated that YouTube simply made a release warnings to a few people for using ad blockers. In a statement to The Edgethe company has confirmed that it “launched a global effort‘to tackle ad blockers. This essentially means that YouTube blocks video playback for any user who has an ad blocker enabled.

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This clearly indicates that the company is no longer messing around and is letting users out. If users still try to watch videos, they will be hit with an image that says “Ad blockers violate YouTube’s Terms of Service.’

Not just a test, YouTube now blocks ad blockers worldwide
YouTube’s previous warning to users

This has been a long time coming as we have continually seen the company ramp up its efforts to combat ad blocking. This includes introducing unskippable ads and stacking multiple ads.

Besides not watching YouTube, all you need to do is have a Premium subscription That’s what the company wants anyway. YouTube has even added a premium bitrate option for its exclusive users. So, compared to simply using an ad blocker, the video watching experience with YouTube Premium will be better. Plus, paying for YouTube also means people can support their favorite creators.

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Unfortunately, this marks the end of the days when you could go around YouTube and watch videos for free. It won’t be a surprise if, in due time, everyone is forced to purchase YouTube Premium to watch content.

What do you think about YouTube banning ad blockers? Will you buy YouTube Premium next? Let us know in the comments below.

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