Nothing Schedules March 23 Event to Shed Light on the Company’s Future Plans

Nothing Schedules March 23 Event to Shed Light on the Company’s Future Plans

Nothing has been rumored to launch its first-ever smartphone for a while now. We recently saw a leaked spy image of the same and the Carl Pei-founded company has now announced the Nothing (event): The Truth, which is meant to talk of its 2022 roadmap and most likely introduce its smartphone. Here’s what we know.

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Nothing Smartphone Launch Nears!

Nothing has announced it first event of 2022, which is scheduled for March 23 at 14:00 GMT (7:30 pm IST). The event teasers emphasize the fact that 2021 was just a “warm-up” and how 2022 is crucial for the company.

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While we don’t know what all is expected to be announced at the March 23 event, a smartphone seems like a probable choice. And we have some easter eggs to support it. The first is the inclusion of the Snapdragon logo on the event’s landing page† This clearly gives us an inkling that a smartphone could be the event’s focus, which will be powered by the Snapdragon chipset. To recall, a month ago, nothing hinted at a smartphone that was expected to pack the Snapdragon chipset.

Another hint is the image’s name on the landing page. The event is referred to as Nothing Abra Event, along with the Clean 1 moniker, which could be the phone’s name. Abra is the codename of its second product, as revealed by Pei previously, and Nothing Clean 1 could be the name of the upcoming phone† Even the big “C” on the teaser image seems to imply (or hint) the same. You can have a look at the “Abra” mentioned in the Nothing event teaser image attached below:

That said, these are just our theories and we need to wait for an official word to get a better idea of ​​what Nothing has up its sleeves. From what we know as of now, it is expected to unveil an Android smartphone with a Snapdragon chipset. The recently leaked image hints at a boxy design with (possible) support for an in-display fingerprint scanner. But, we really can’t say things for sure.

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We will keep you posted when we get access to new information on the Nothing phone. So, stay tuned, and do let us know what you think about the upcoming Nothing event in the comments below!

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