Now Sony Is Ditching PlayStation’s Twitter Integration

Delete PlayStation Twitter

Ever since gamers started using their consoles’ social features, they’ve been using them to share their gameplay, trophies, and best moments. Sony PlayStation consoles have also long had the X (formerly Twitter) integration feature, allowing them to do the same. However, recent changes in X’s policies have forced companies to pause or stop these services altogether. In a blow to PlayStation owners, Sony is now removing PS integration on Twitter. Keep reading to find out when and why.

Sony PlayStation integration on Twitter disappears

The announcement follows Sony’s official important announcements page. As mentioned there, from November 13, 2023, gamers can no longer use the X platform on their PlayStation 5 and 4 gaming consoles for viewing and sharing content. This includes using PS5/PS4 to view published content on X. Users can’t even view and post their trophies and other gameplay activities.

Sony PS5 consoles delete Twitter
Image courtesy: Sony

It seems like removing X integration is becoming very common in all kinds of places. Previously, Microsoft had also done the same on Xbox and Game Bar on Windows. While Sony hasn’t given users an explicit reason why the PlayStation and Twitter integration is disappearing, an educated guess can be made.

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Before Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the pricing structure for Twitter integration on a platform was nominal. But after his acquisition, there was a drastic change in this API pricing structure, and subsequently Twitter was disabled by Microsoft on Xbox consoles. although The company never said that it removed Xbox’s Twitter integration due to the API price change. That seems very likely, given the timing of the two events.

PlayStation deletes Twitter

And now, as if on cue, Sony has followed suit and severed its relationship with Twitter. We suspect that it is most likely for the same reason and that this decision is unlikely to be reversed. However, there is still gone so you can share your PlayStation content on X.

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Simply download the PlayStation app and use it to transfer your captured media (screenshots/videos) from your PlayStation console to your phone. Then use your phone to share your gaming content on X. While this method is certainly annoying, there isn’t much else we can do besides that.

What do you think about Sony removing the X (formerly Twitter) integration on gaming consoles? Do you think X has a future, or will their continued changes disrupt the overall ecosystem? Let us know in the comments below.

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