NYT Connections Hints and Answers for November 2, 2023

While I never expect Connections to be very simple, today’s puzzle has misled me more than once. Should it be a company or a nature reserve? If you’re currently playing and have the same questions, this is for you. Keep reading as we talk about what exactly the answer for NYT Connections is today, along with some subtle hints to get you started. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Tip for today’s connection themes

If you want to know more about what today’s categories are based on, but not really, check out these subtle hints first.

  • Yellow category – Burst into flames
  • Green category – Knowledge that you obtain from others
  • Blue category – umm…I would just say Valley
  • Purple category – The powerhouse

Additional tip: Don’t think about computer companies and gadgets. Continue.

We would love to discuss more details for you, but these tips are the best we can do. However, they are closely related to the actual categories, so think long and hard before scrolling down. After all, it’s pretty easy to confuse one for the other, right?

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Spoiler warning #1: Although this section provided hints for the categories, the next section describes them for you. It will spoil the categories for today’s Connections puzzle, so proceed at your own risk.

The names of the contemporary compound categories

If you’re tired of us beating around the bush, here are the themes for today’s categories for the NYT Connections game.

  • Yellow – TO LIGHT
  • Vegetable – INFORMATION

At this point you may have already clicked on some answers. The yellow and green categories are by far the easiest to find in today’s puzzle. Although purple would be the most difficult, some may have more difficulty with the blue category. If you still can’t find the answer then scroll down and check out the same.

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Spoiler Warning #2: The next section contains the answer to today’s puzzle and you will find all 16 words in their exact categories. So be careful if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Connections Reply by November 2

Have you finally given up and are you ready for the answer? The answer on November 2nd Connections is!

  • TO LIGHT – Burn, ignite, light, torch
  • INFORMATION – Data, Info, Intel, News
  • SMALL FOREST AREA – Dell, Glen, Hollow, Valley
  • THINGS WITH CORE – Apple, computer, planet, reactor
NYT Connections response

As you can see for yourself, today’s answer was incredibly confusing. Ignite and information were easy enough to solve, as data and news go together quite well. And I didn’t even have to think much before saving those groups. I went the route of computer companies and gadgets, bundling Intel, Apple, Dell and other words together. However, I quickly corrected course after finding information categorized under the “Information” group.

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My problems came with today’s blue and purple categories. First I linked Apple, Glen, Dell and Computer together. I quickly lost that opportunity when I realized this wasn’t that kind of Apple. Nevertheless, I used the brain a little and remembered that everything has a center. After almost 15 minutes of suffering, I was able to guess the purple Connections answer for today (well, not without luck).

So yeah, these are the answers for NYT Connections for today. If you ended up here by accident, it’s quite easy to learn how to play NYT’s Connections game. When you’re done, you can come back here if you still can’t find the answers. How was your experience today solving this word puzzle? Where did you get stuck if you did that? Let us know in the comments below.

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