NYT Connections Hints and Answers for November 21, 2023

Today’s NYT Connections was all about peppiness with a strange mix of categories thrown in. While it isn’t too difficult to solve, it would still be difficult not to ask for help. We are here for all those times and more. Join us as we discuss all the hints, categories, and ultimately the answers for NYT Connections for November 21st. So let’s get started!

Tip for today’s connection themes

We’ll start today by discussing some subtle hints for the Connections themes. Check them out below and see if you can guess a few.

  • Yellow category – These can help with chewing
  • Green category – Not everyone is this
  • Blue category – Multiple ways to groove
  • Purple category – Some things attract things
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We wish we could go into more detail in this section, but these tips are the best we can share. They all relate to the categories for the puzzle, so think long and hard before scrolling down to see the exact names. But if you’re still unsure about the categories, maybe try this one tricks to fix NYT Connections could work.

Spoiler warning #1: Although this section provided hints for the categories, the next section names them directly. Make sure you’re okay with spoiling the category names before continuing.

The names of the contemporary compound categories

If you are still stuck on the categories, it might be better if we just tell you the names directly.

  • Yellow – TYPES OF TEETH
  • Vegetable – FASHIONABLE
  • Blue – DANCE MOVES
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Spoiler warning #2: We hope you can guess the words now. However, if it still doesn’t work, it’s time to scroll down. The next section contains the answer to today’s puzzle; you will see all the answers in their categories. This is your last chance to scroll back to the top.

Connections Reply by November 21

Still can’t solve the puzzle after all the help above? In that case, the answers to today’s Connections puzzle are:

  • TYPES OF TEETH – Canine, fang, molar, tusk
  • FASHIONABLE – Chic, hip, hot, trendy
  • DANCE MOVES – Floss, Robot, Vogue, Worm
  • THINGS THAT SUCK – Leech, straw, vacuum, vampire
NYT Connections November 21 Reply

I started off very strong today by solving the Purple category first. Even though this would be the hardest part, making this connection was actually very obvious. I then continued with Yellow by simply thinking about my own teeth (without the Tusk of course). Although my fashion sense is ten kinds of dead, I knew what Chic and Hip stood for and that’s why I chose the Green category.

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I’m actually grateful that the Blue category was left for last, because I had no way of knowing that the Floss or Vogue were dance moves. I connected these last four words together and got the response from NYT Connections by November 21st!

And you? How was your experience with today’s puzzle? Where did you get stuck when you did that? Let us know in the comments below.

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