NYT Connections Hints and Answers for November 8, 2023

Just because I said yesterday’s Connections puzzle was easy doesn’t give NYT the right to completely erase me today. There is a special kind of sadness when you can only guess one of the four categories. However, to ensure you don’t suffer the same cursed fate I did, we’ll discuss what the answer to the November 8 NYT Connections is, along with category names to help you out. So without further delay, let’s jump in.

Tip for today’s connection themes

If you want to know what today’s categories are based on, but only through subtle hints, check these out first.

  • Yellow category – Beach friendly stuff
  • Green category – Think of long fried potato fingers
  • Blue category – Sometimes words have to be confusing
  • Purple category – Vodka is a great drink

We’d love to go into more detail in this section, but these tips are the best we can do. They’re all closely related to the categories that matter today, so think long and hard before you scroll down. Do not you want to? Maybe check something easy tips and tricks to fix NYT Connections maybe can help you first. Moreover, the above tips seem sufficient, so we did not add any extra hint.

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Spoiler warning #1: Although this section provided hints for the categories, the next section names them directly. It will spoil the four categories for today’s Connections puzzle, so only continue if you want more tips.

The names of the contemporary compound categories

If you’re tired of us beating around the bush, here are the themes for today’s categories for the NYT Connections game.

  • Vegetable – TYPES OF FRIES

As you can see, the category names these days are a weird combination of drinks and fries. Granted, these go well together, but you should be especially concerned about the blue category. I suggest guessing the other three, so you just have to click on the remaining four words. But if you still can’t find the categories, it’s time to scroll down.

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Spoiler warning #2: The next section contains the answer to today’s puzzle, and you will find all the words in their exact categories. This is your final chance to scroll back to the top.

Connections Reply by November 8

Have you finally given up and are you ready for the answer? The answers to today’s Connections puzzle are:

  • TAKEN TO THE BEACH – Slippers, sunscreen, towel, umbrella
  • TYPES OF FRIES – Curly, shoelace, waffle, wedge
  • TO COMPARE – Hedge, seesaw, wobbly, yo-yo
  • SECOND WORDS OF VODKA COCKTAILS – Breeze, Mary, Mule, Russian
reply november 8 nyt connections

I’m sure you’re getting tired of reading this, but today was not a good day to play NYT Connections. I started off strong, as I usually do by guessing one of the categories, which was the yellow category. I mean, who can’t make the association between sunscreen and towels, right?

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But then my problems started in full force. For the life of me I couldn’t get rid of the blue category. I stopped trying to tell those words and continued with green, but failed again. I had an inkling that Bloody Mary was involved somehow, but I had no clear idea.

After about 20 minutes of wandering around in confusion, my chances were up, and I had the NYT Connections response from November 8 revealed to me, leaving me as dizzy as vodka shots on a Saturday night. Today’s puzzle was relentlessly difficult, or maybe I wasn’t functioning at 100%.

And you? How was your experience today with this elusive word puzzle? Where did you get stuck when you did that? Let us know in the comments below.

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