Omegle Shuts Down After Over a Decade; Here’s Why!

RIP omegle - video chat website shutting down after 14 years

Omegle has been around for 14 years now and was founded in 2009. After a glorious run of more than a decade, the popular video chat service that allowed users to chat with random people online has closed down. Omegle founder Leif K-Brooks updated the platform to post a farewell note, citing all the things that made him and his team pull the plug. Users will see this message instead of the usual Omegle interface when they visit the website now.

So why did Omegle shut down?

On November 9, 2023, Brooks shared a detailed message after to reveal that Omegle is officially shutting down. In this note, he specifically stated how people used the platform “committed unspeakably heinous crimes.” Omegle saw a huge increase in users during the pandemic and was a hit among teenagers in particular. However, it’s not just teenagers who use Omegle. The service would also be accessible to children of any age group. This was automatically allowed certain bad actors to go to the platform, such as the Virginia business.

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Brooks further revealed how “Omegle’s moderation had a positive impact even beyond the site. Omegle worked with law enforcement agencies and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to put wrongdoers in jail where they belong. There are “people” rotting behind bars right now, thanks in part to evidence that Omegle proactively gathered against them and tipped off the authorities.”

He further goes on to say how the lack of a moral compass among some of these users who used the platform for malicious acts has led to the platform being attacked left, right and centre. In a way, this misuse of Omegle seems to be the main reason for its closure.

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Due to the major security concerns when using the platform, Brooks finally says how: “Operating Omegle is no longer sustainable, financially or psychologically. To be honest, I don’t want to have a heart attack when I’m 30.” So yes, the popular video chat service is going offline after fourteen years! Have you ever used Omegle? Binge watching Omegle trolls or singing videos on YouTube? Many of us did, but that era has finally come to an end.

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