OnePlus 12 Launch Colors Confirmed; See Them Here

We know from various leaks and rumors that OnePlus is getting ready to release its new flagship smartphone soon! With the OnePlus12 launch date already announced, it’s only a matter of time. Today we have even more news, as the company finally launched the color variants of this upcoming phone.

The Weibo OnePlus account recently teased us with the color options of the OnePlus 12. Three color variants were mentioned: Green, black and white. The tease shows OnePlus’ vision for the color design of its upcoming flagship smartphone.

The translated version of the Weibo post reads: “#OnePlus12 is the flagship product of OnePlus’ ten years of sincerity. The three colors we have carefully polished are not only the three most popular colors among users.”

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According to the brand, the confirmed colors all tell their own story. While the Green represents countless rivers and mountains, the Rock Black represents ten years of the company’s hard work as an ode to the anniversary.

oneplus 12 color variants teased on weibo
Source: OnePlus/Weibo

The leaks suggest that a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, Qualcomm’s latest and greatest, will be used on OnePlus’ new flagship. We also expect a curved screen, a 5400 mAh battery and a ‘periscope lens‘ camera sensor. By the way, OnePlus 12 renders also leaked in September.

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Hopefully we’ll see the OnePlus 12 in action in these vibrant colors soon! However, please note that the color variants available in other countries may differ.

What are your expectations of the OnePlus 12? Which color would be your favorite if you bought the new flagship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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