OpenAI’s GPT Store Delayed till Early 2024

OpenAI has gone through a tumultuous period course of events the past weeks. OpenAI went past it and wanted the GPT store this month. GPT Store would include creations from custom GPTs created by different users on the ChatGPT AI platform. OpenAI has even touted this as a way to make money by building GPTs based on the number of users it brings.

However, it now appears that plans have been to launch the GPT store for ChatGPT this month postponed until next year.

In a recent email sent by OpenAI to users who subscribed to the GPT builder tool, it has been confirmed that the GPT Store has been delayed. The email states that “we now plan to launch the GPT Store early next year”, indicating a release date of early 2024 for the GPT store.

A screenshot of an email sent by OpenAI

Although many have already made several GPTs, the store itself will not be available this year. The ChatGPT team also noted several improvements to the custom GPT platform functionality.

The email also stated that ‘a few unexpected things kept us busy‘. If I were to guess, this seems to be related to the recent case of Sam Altman to shoot from the CEO position. This resulted in chaos at OpenAI offices after their former CEO allegedly did so join Microsoftand then his back to OpenAI as almost every employee threatened to leave unless Sam Altman returned.

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The upcoming GPT Store will advance the AI ​​industry even further as people can finally create and sell their own custom GPTs.

What do you think about the delay of the GPT store? Are you excited to make money with GPTs with this new feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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