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Oracle hardly needs an introduction as it has existed since 1977 and was founded in Santa Clara, California. Since then, it has grown to become the largest database management company, with annual sales of more than $ 40 billion and more than 132,000 employees. In 2020 it relocated its headquarters to the “Silicon Hills” of Austin, Texas.

PeopleSoft was originally founded in 1987 and acquired by Oracle in 2005. Under the name PeopleSoft, Oracle offers a number of cloud-based software solutions, including the Human capital management (HCM), Campus Solutions and Purchasing and Supplier Management.

You must contact Oracle directly for pricing information (Image credit: Oracle)

Subscriptions and Pricing

One area that Oracle’s PeopleSoft misses out on is pricing. This is because the prices are not listed on the Oracle website and are not listed at all. Instead, it will require you to contact the company for a custom quote with your business credentials, which can be done via a phone call or chat box.

Oracle is not exactly open about pricing as competitors easily post this information on their website. Oracle really makes you work for it, but if you look up and down you will eventually find a PeopleSoft Commercial Price List. This shows that the price is based on the modules selected. The choices are:

Note that each of the above costs are borne by the staff, but it does not state whether the first number is a one-time fee and the second is a recurring fee (and unclear if it is annual or monthly). The minimum is that all employees are registered, so unfortunately it does not work to transfer this to a department, for example.

While there are no startup costs, PeopleSoft falls short again as there is no free tier or free trial. It is not stated whether there are contracts or the possible duration

You can also collaborate with the PeopleSoft community and their developers and discuss features you want to add to the platform (Image credit: Oracle)


PeopleSoft HCM strives to streamline HR processes with a total solution to meet all of the needs of a busy HR department in a company. The program’s categories include Benefits Solutions, Help Desk for HR, Global Payroll, and Time and Labor in a variety of categories, each with a comprehensive approach and packed with features.

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Let’s take a closer look at the Recruiting Solutions module to better understand PeopleSoft HCM’s capabilities in the demanding process of recruiting a candidate for a position. There is a candidate gateway that can “create a personalized candidate homepage” on which applicants can save their résumé, job search, profile and also an application, which then provides a central location for tracking their search activity. the applicant.

Current job offers can be viewed by all applicants, managers and employees who want to change or be promoted. In addition to uploading, resumes can be created, updated and reviewed. The Candidate Gateway was designed with ease of use in mind, as internal candidates can use their existing information to create resumes; External applicants also use the system, but only need to create a new account. In addition, this candidate gateway meets all American and European requirements for diversity in recruiting. Once a candidate has completed their initial application, the Candidate Gateway is still useful for keeping track of the interview schedule, viewing job vacancies, and accessing documents online. An applicant even has the option of accepting or rejecting the job offer online!

Leverage the experience of 50,000+ users to achieve better business results when you use PeopleSoft HCM (Image credit: Oracle)


As you would expect from a larger vendor, Oracle offers several support options for this product. It starts with a toll-free number that can solve both technical and non-technical issues, along with product download assistance. In particular, there is also a Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) for the hearing impaired. Then there is the “My Oracle Support” portal. It requires an Oracle login, but then allows users to search the knowledge base and also interact with the communities. There is also free online training available.

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Oracle advises that the advantages of a SaaS are that it takes care of all updates that are “delivered regularly” and the maintenance and introduction of new features that are released quarterly. There is also an opportunity to provide input for the PeopleSoft roadmap.

Not all support options are available as we couldn’t find a fax number, direct support email, or chat box.

final judgment

Oracle PeopleSoft HCM is a mature and comprehensive SaaS for a HR department for a business environment. The highlights include the comprehensive range of functions such as the candidate gateway, the online support community with direct telephone support and online training options, as well as frequent updates. The lows are the hard-to-find prices, the lack of some support options like direct email, fax, and chat, and the prices that can get expensive as multiple modules are chosen to meet the needs rather than a more comprehensive package. Larger organizations should definitely take a closer look at this solution if they want a mature and mature option.

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