OSOM Unveils Its First Smartphone Called the OV1

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Just five years after its launch, Android creator Andy Rubin’s venture Essential cease its activities at the beginning of 2020. The news came a few months after the company teased its next-generation prototype Project GEM. However, former employees of Essential founded another company called OSOM Products in 2020. And now, after a year of silence, OSOM has unveiled its first smartphone – the OSOM OV1.

OSOM Unveils Its First Smartphone Called the OV1

OSOM unveils its first smartphone – the OV1

In an exclusive interview with AndroidPoliceOSOM CEO Jason Keats shared a first look at the company’s first smartphone. Along with a few details about the specs, the company shared a short video showing off the device. You can see it right away here.

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The video only shows the back of the OV1, which is short for OSOM Vault 1. Hence, judging by the video, the device will have a dual camera setup, in a unique triangular camera module, on the back, along with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. The company confirmed that it will come with a Qualcomm chipset, although it didn’t say which ones. It can pack the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset or last year’s Snapdragon 888+ SoC.

The name OV1 is also a recall to Essential’s first smartphone. It came with the name Essential PH-1. The company says a similar naming scheme has been adopted to create a sense of continuity. However, it is worth mentioning that the OSOM OV1 is not the next generation Essential PH-1.

Another detail that the company pays attention to is the software department. While the OV1 has been confirmed to run Android, Keats stated that it will include a number of privacy-focused tweaks to address the privacy issues users often face. Nevertheless, the company is making every effort to offer a standard Android-like operating system along with the customizations to users.

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OV1 Launch Timeline

Furthermore, not much is known about the OSOM OV1 at the moment. However, OSOM has confirmed that it will reveal more details about the device, including full specs and features, at its 2022 MWC event, which kicks off in February.

Furthermore, the CEO also confirmed that the OV1 is currently in “EVT1” phase, which means the device is almost ready. In fact, Keats stated, “outside of the camera app, I could drive this phone daily today.” The company initially planned to launch the device at MWC rather than just unveiling it. However, it seems that OSOM needs some more time to further refine the cameras and the software of the OV1 and therefore expects to be able to bring the device to the market in the summer of 2022. We expect more information about the device to be revealed in the coming days, so stay tuned for updates.

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Until then, let us know what you think of the OSOM OV1? Do you like the triangular camera design? Leave your comment below.

Featured Image Courtesy of: AndroidPolice

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