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There are many different PDF editor tools in the market today as different companies try to meet the needs of different segments of their user base. Some are aimed at normal home users who only need a handful of features in everyday use, while others are much more advanced and come with special features that are primarily intended for use in office environments where productivity is critical.

PDF Complete review | TechRadar

PDF ready tends to the last end of the spectrum and offers a wide range of functions that make PDF creation and editing as easy and streamlined as possible. It may take a while to get used to the program and everything, but it’s worth it. The user interface is clearly designed to mimic the style of other popular solutions on the market, so that it will immediately feel familiar to those coming from something like the Adobe suite.

The pricing of PDF Complete is a bit confusing as the Business Edit has fewer features than the Office Edition (Photo credits: PDF filled out)

Subscriptions and Pricing

PDF Complete is offered in two premium versions, office and advertising. The names may be a bit confusing for some, as the corporate version is actually the lowest tier, starting at $ 49.95 (although it is regularly reduced). The Office edition, on the other hand, starts at $ 129.95 and is also regularly reduced. The Corporate Edition offers basic editing functions, including the ability to rotate and move pages, insert and delete content, fill out forms, and scan documents into an editable PDF.

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On the other hand, the Office edition includes everything that is in Corporate, plus some advanced editing features, as well as the ability to export to different formats. This includes various Microsoft Office formats as well as XML, EPUB and more. This edition also enables safe editing functions as well as a handy snipping tool.

A demo is also available so you can see which version suits you best (Photo credits: PDF filled out)

A free demo is available, but unfortunately it does not cover the full functionality of the full application. Users may want to carefully read how some of the advanced features work before making a premium purchase, even after the demo version has been tested.


PDF Complete is packed with editing features and comes with numerous tools that should meet the needs of most users. This is especially true for normal home users as well as for those who regularly need to do PDF edits in their daily work. All standard editing features are available and easy to use, including the ability to freely cut, resize, and rearrange documents, and convert scanned documents into editable text.

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In addition, the program offers – at least in the higher-quality premium version – secure functions with which you can sign and secure your documents. This makes it ideal for business environments and tough everyday use. Users can also add watermarks and notes.

PDF Complete has a familiar and accessible user interface (Photo credits: PDF filled out)

Interface and in action

PDF Complete’s user interface should feel familiar to those who have used professional PDF editors in the past as the developers have done their best to mimic current design trends. Most of the features are where you’d expect them to be, and the rest aren’t too hard to find either. As mentioned earlier, the interface can feel a bit dated in some areas, but this is offset by the fact that the program has very low hardware requirements.

Some users may be disappointed if some basic options are missing, such as the ability to display documents in a two-sided layout, although this can easily be attributed to the different design goals of the application as opposed to a traditional PDF reader. . PDF Complete still works very well as an everyday reader, although there are better options in this corner of the market.

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The PDF Complete Help Desk includes tutorials, a troubleshooting guide, a knowledge base, and more (Photo credits: PDF filled out)


The company has a dedicated support team on standby and also offers an extensive knowledge base that should cover most of the problems you may encounter while using PDF Complete. Be sure to read the information provided if you encounter any issues related to the quirks of the user interface as there is already a lot of information available on topics you may have problems with.

The competition

PDF Complete competes with many tools such as Adobe Acrobat DC, PDF Architect, and more. The program is aimed more at commercial users than private individuals, although the low price may make it attractive to the latter as well. Be sure to take a look at the demo version before buying, but also keep in mind that it does not show the full range of functions.

final judgment

PDF Complete is a more than adequate solution in its market segment. It doesn’t take long to get used to, and it is packed with useful features that should meet the needs of most of the users in the marketplace. Its extensive knowledge base and responsive support take it higher up the charts, and as long as you are comfortable with the slightly dated look, this is a great application.

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