Prada Is Making NASA Suits to Keep Things in Style!

Prada makes NASA suits

Space expeditions will now be stylish, thanks to a collaboration between Italian luxury brand Prada and Axiom Space (the one that developed the first commercial space station) to create NASA space suits. Pretty interesting, right? View the details.

NASA astronauts will now wear Prada!

It has emerged that Prada and Axiaom Space will make spacesuits for NASA astronauts for the Artemis III mission, which is scheduled for 2025. This is not the only highlight of the mission; the Artemis III mission will also be the first to send a woman to the moon. This is also the first manned moon mission since Apollo 17 in December 1972.

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Prada will work with Axiom Space to understand the design process and materials to be used for the spacesuits so that the astronauts remain protected from challenging conditions in space and the moon.

Prada will make NASA spacesuits
Source: Axiom Space

Lorenzo Bertelli, marketing director of the Prada Group, said: “Prada’s perpetually progressive ethos for humanity has expanded to include its desire for adventure and braving new horizons: space. We are honored to be part of this historic mission with Axiom Space. Our decades of experimentation, advanced technology and design knowledge – which began in the 1990s when Luna challenged Rossa for the America’s Cup – will now be applied to the design of a spacesuit for the Artemis era. It is a true celebration of the power of human creativity and innovation to advance civilization.

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The AxEMU spacesuits include: advanced capabilities and functions, which will make space exploration much easier. It will be based on NASA’s Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU) spacesuit design and will include improvements to make things flexible and easier. It will also come with specialized tools.

The Prada spacesuits will be a fusion of design and technological innovations for much better exploration of the lunar surface. It’s said to be an amazing milestone and it remains to be seen how this turns out! So, what do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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