Samsung Gauss Unveiled as the Company’s Generative AI Model

Samsung Gauss AI features

Jumping into the fray, Samsung has also joined the AI ​​race to compete with other AI models. At the Samsung AI Forum 2023, the South Korean giant unveiled its in-house developed AI model called Samsung Gauss. Similar to others Generative AI models, it can also generate text, images and code snippets.

It is said that Samsung may add on-device AI capabilities to the upcoming Galaxy S24 series using the Gauss model. So, read on to learn more about the Samsung Gauss AI model.

Samsung Gauss may debut on the Galaxy S24 series

The Samsung Gauss AI Generative model was developed by a team within Samsung Research. Primarily, it has three major features including generating text, code and images. It can summarize texts, generate creative ideas, translate texts, write new content and more. Samsung may take advantage of the opportunity to offer AI-based email composition, document editing, grammar checking, etc.

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In addition, Gauss also has the ability to do that generate images in different styles, scale a low-resolution image to a high-resolution image, add new elements to an image, and more. It may work similarly to Google Pixel’s Magic Editor feature in the Photos app.

Samsung has also set up an AI Red Team that scrutinizes the AI ​​model on various parameters so that it does not cheat when generating images or text.

In addition, Samsung Gauss has a AI coding assistant which allows you to quickly generate unit test cases and code snippets using natural language. You can also enter your code to debug them through an easy-to-use interface. Simply put, unlike Apple, Samsung isn’t sleeping on the ongoing AI hype cycle.

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To compete with Pixel, Samsung needs an internal generative AI model that can be used for on-device inference. So are you excited about Samsung Gauss and the smarter experience it can bring to Galaxy devices? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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