Survival RPG MOD APK 0.301 (Free Shopping)

Survival RPG MOD APK 0.301 (Free Shopping)

Uncharted Island: Survival is a survival-themed game exclusively for mobile devices on the Android operating system. Here, you will be left on a small island with some simple pickaxes, and from these pickaxes, you will do everything to survive from mining ore, and wood, and hunting animals like rabbits, turtles, goblins… This is definitely a game that gives you challenging survival experiences. Can you survive and thrive on this land? Let’s APKGeneral experience Uncharted Island: Survival with us below.

Survival RPG MOD APK 0.301 (Free Shopping)

About Uncharted Island: Survival

Uncharted Island: Survival is a very interesting combination of survival simulation with simple clicker game mechanics. Our main character is a plane crash survivor. And he has to live in a wild environment with limited living conditions in a very foreign place. And to survive, he needs to find resources, and equip his shelter gradually to turn this place into a powerful base that no one can invade. However, it should be noted that there are other creatures here, too, so you need to fight them to survive on this island.

Published by Lynnyk Oles, a new game company appeared whose products are of great interest to players. Developed on very realistic three-dyke graphics, the game helps you experience a meaningful and challenging survival life.

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The plot of the game

Coming to Uncharted Island: Survival, players will play the role of an anonymous character, the game is played from a first-person perspective. Therefore, you only see the hands that your character is controlling. You will fall into the situation where you are lost on a small island in the middle of the ocean. And for some reason, neither a person nor a boat passed here. That’s why you have to do everything to survive on this island. Your survival journey begins with a lot of difficulties, challenges, and dangers. But it also brings you many interesting experiences. And on this island, there are many dangerous things waiting for you, including magic waiting for you to discover.

Journey of survival on a deserted island

As soon as you arrive on the deserted island, you have started the journey of survival on this land. You will have to do everything to survive and thrive here.

The first thing you need to do is create only personal belongings. It will be of great help to you in your journey of existence here. In particular, you must have the necessary weapons to fight the lurking dangers as well as to get food. Let’s start with rudimentary weapons, but also need sharpness for living purposes.

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Discover interesting things

The island you live on hides many mysterious stories. You are the only survivor here, so your mission is to explore every location, and find out the secrets of the place. Move wherever you want, looking for clues and strange things. After a process, you will surely discover the strange stories here and the mysteries of this island.

Fight with the enemy

As mentioned above, the island also has other creatures that exist. Therefore, in the process of mining, exploring, and building to survive, you will meet your enemies which can be goblins, monsters, animals, or even zombies.

You should observe your character’s stats, you will know the status of health, strength, and food. When facing enemies, if you can’t defeat them, it’s best to run away. Prepare good energy and strength to defeat them


It is very important to build a shelter for yourself. Because monsters and captures can appear anywhere. Your task now is to build a solid shelter. Here you can hide from the hunt of beasts, and monsters and also a place for you to keep the resources you collect.

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In addition, you also need to upgrade your shelter by collecting resources and completing quests.

Graphics and sound

Uncharted Island: Survival is built on a pretty quality 3D graphics platform. Therefore, you will get the most realistic experience with high-quality images. An island with beautiful scenery will help you have the best experience moments. Along with that, the sound system also helps to enhance the realism of the game. Surely you will be satisfied with what Uncharted Island: Survival brings.

What features does the Uncharted Island: Survival mod version have?

In addition to the original version, you can fully experience the Uncharted Island: Survival version with many interesting features such as:

  • Free shopping: you can shop for anything you want completely free.

Download the game Uncharted Island: Survival mod apk for Android devices

In general, we can see that Uncharted Island: Survival is not a new game, but it also gives you very new experiences. If you love it, immediately download Uncharted Island: Survival mod apk to your device and experience it.


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