Teaching Feeling APK 2.5.2 Download

Download Teaching Feeling APK 2.5.2 Download for free

This is one of the famous games of the “cherry blossom” country that has made a brand in the game market. If you want to find a fresh feeling in your spare time, Teaching feeling is the right game for you. You want to be a caretaker for a beautiful girl, and be the only one that she has to obey whatever you ask, surely this game will meet all of your needs. Just download Teaching feeling and start exploring today.

Teaching Feeling APK 2.5.2 Download

Plot Teaching feeling

Teaching feeling is released as a game of the Visual Novel genre – one of the games included in the 18+ game list. The story content contains sensitive elements, but the general layout is seamless and closely connected. Here, players will play the role of a funny single doctor who works in a small city with patients. Until one day, you receive a request from your old patient, he asks you to take care of Sylive – a strange girl he brings. Also from here, your story officially begins with short stories when you are with that girl.

The storyline takes place according to the context: you are the master of Sylive, and she is a slave in your care. The publisher creates this girl with a cute style, but she is quite stupid and also obedient to her owner. It’s all up to you, if you want to treat her politely, the plot will develop in that direction and vice versa. The game does not force players to follow a pre-built storyline, but you can create your own behavior to suit your needs when participating in the game.

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Style play

Like normal relationships, at first, you need to get to know Sylive through conversations to learn about her. Starting with dinner, you’ll need to pay attention to her behavior so you have your own way. The main task that you have to do is not only to learn about this poor girl, but you also have to take care of her. As a doctor, you will have to help Sylive stabilize her health and condition after the injuries she suffered in the past.

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With intuitive gameplay, players can get the touch of this character through 3 actions: patting the head, touching Sylive, or simply talking. These choices will take you in 3 different directions, but you are still the active player in the flow of the story.

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Talk – you can use this way to get close to Sylive but won’t scare her away. You will hear her talk about her past, about the physical and mental trauma she has suffered through. From there, you’ll help her figure out how to get over her past obsessions.

Rubbing her head – A gesture of affection that will help her feel safe and protected. It doesn’t have much effect, but you will see her beautiful smile if you keep repeating this action.

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Touching – This is the type of action that represents a dark-minded development if you do it. Since you are the owner, you are in complete control, but this touch can later lead to more evil actions. This is the point that makes this game rated 18+ because there will be a sensitive element.

Teaching Feeling APK

Help the character

In this game, you have to take care of your slave. Be nice to her if you want her to open up more to you. Heal her wounds and take care of daily life while the two are together. Moreover, make her willing to listen to you, not force her, because it will scare her and you probably don’t want to.

Working hard at the hospital and living with this cute girl will give you a breath of fresh air. Sylive will make your boring single life more colorful and exciting. However, if you want, you can also go out into the world for more unexpected encounters.

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Some tips when playing

Remember that Sylive comes to you in a very bad state of health. If you choose to touch her, you will most likely kill her instantly. Pay attention to your desires, and talk and pat her head instead so she can open up to you naturally.

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Let’s keep the intimate relationship bar of two people above 50, and at the same time help this indicator to increase. In addition, let’s help spread the humanitarian value that the plot builds to everyone.

Hopefully, the basic information about Teaching feelings above will help players understand something about this game. Do not hesitate anymore, download this game to discover the fun that satisfies your expectations right away.


With a game that has a mature element, the graphic design and character are more attractive to players than ever. Here, you will get a huge and extremely sexy outfit for the character. Sexy and seductive girls always appear right in front of your eyes with cute voices, sure to make you excited non-stop.

However, the context design in the game is not too excellent, because the publisher just wants to focus on the element that highlights the type of 18+ game they bring. But that also makes players so passionate that they can’t give up.

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