Tesla Launched a Pair of Microphones for In-Car Karaoke System in China

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Tesla, in addition to being all-electric, comes with several in-car features such as: gaming, karaoke in the car and more. Back in 2019, the EV maker added the in-car karaoke feature called “Caraoke” which allowed for karaoke sessions in cars, but played a limited list of songs for passengers to sing along to. As an extension of this, the company has now launched a pair of microphones called TeslaMic to support this in-car karaoke feature.

TeslaMic microphones for in-car karaoke launched

TeslaMic Karaoke Microphones Launched

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Tesla recently started rolling out the “Chinese New Year” software update for cars in China. As part of this, the TeslaMic microphones have been introduced and are designed to work with Leishi KTV, a new karaoke system added with the latest update. The TeslaMic is currently only for sale in China.

The company recently went to Weibo to announce the new product and share a promo video showcasing the in-car karaoke system supported by the TeslaMic microphones. You can watch the video below to see how this works.

TeslaMic can be automatically linked to the in-car karaoke system, according to Tesla’s description. Moreover, it comes with a few special sound modes to further enhance the vocals of the singers. As shown in the video above, the TeslaMic can also be used outside of Tesla cars.

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The new Karaoke microphone with the latest software update (v2022.2.1) provides a more comprehensive in-car karaoke system based on the Chinese Leishi KTV, which was not the case with the Caraoke function. As mentioned earlier, it was limited to just a few numbers, with the lyrics appearing on the cars center display.

The TeslaMic is on sale for CNY 1,199 (~Rs 14,136) in China, but the web page to order it crashed at the time of writing this article. There is no word on its availability in other markets. That said, Tesla has reportedly recently expanded its US trademark to include audio products. The company could therefore launch the product in other markets soon. We will keep you informed!

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