The 5 Best CS2 Workshop Maps to Play Right Now

Counter-Strike 2’s latest update finally introduces workshop support back into the game. This was one of the features missing from CS2 that CS:GO used to have, and now we finally get it. There have already been passionate developments in the Counter-Strike 2 workshop community. We dived into the workshop and explored it. To make your life easier, here are the five best CS2 workshop maps that will spark nostalgia, allowing you to aim, train, play bhop and surf modes and more.

Remark: Make sure you are already logged in to your Steam ID. Once you’ve done it, it’s very easy to learn how to play CS2 workshop cards.

1. Crashz reticle generator for CS2

crosshair generator cs2 workshop card

The Crashz Crosshair Generator workshop card in CS2 is truly the ultimate way to customize your crosshairs. It was one of the most popular workshop maps back in the CS:GO era, and now the creator has updated it for Counter-Strike 2 as well. As you can see, the map gives you tons of options to customize and ultimately finish your crosshair to suit your comfort.

Your monitor, resolution, and other things will affect what the final reticle will look like. An excellent way to set up the best crosshairs in CS2 is to use this card to customize one of your favorites CS2 Pros & Streamers reticle or build your own using the tools on the map. Whether or not you choose to play with a pro player’s crosshairs, we recommend you try this map in Counter-Strike 2 right now.

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Crashz Crosshair Generator Card (To download)

2. Aim_Botz Aim Training for CS2

counter strike 2 aim_botz training card

Aim_Botz is an iconic target training map in Counter-Strike. It’s also relatively easy to warm up with it. All you have to do is get on the map and start shooting. The opponents do not shoot back, but are far away and all around you. You can keep rotating your mouse over the entire map and practice your aim.

You can practice one tap, burst shooting, sprayingand even train your target tracking system with this card. There are tons of customizable controls here. You can make the bots move around – this makes them much harder to kill, so turn it on for a more intense target training session. You can also choose your weapon, so feel free to practice shooting the AWP and learn how to spray commonly used weapons such as the Galil AR, AK47, M4A4 or Famas.

Aim_Botz card (To download)

3. Surf_Rebel_Resistance CS2 Surfing

surf workshop card in counter strike 2

There’s a slim chance you haven’t seen CS players surfing the game yet. If you want to try it out too, this card in CS2 is a good one. I’m no surfing expert, but I’d say this course is hard enough. To learn to surf, you have to practice. But if you’ve played surf in CS:GO, or even Team Fortress 2, you’ll still surf here.

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After getting to the map, you will need to enable surfing commands in the game. Select the Custom game mode when starting this map in Counter-Strike 2. Then refer to this surfing command guide and use the CS2 developer console to enable surfing on your private server. You can now even join community servers in CS2 for surfing. So, for those times when you feel like surfing, check out this CS2 map.

Surf_Rebel_Resistance_CS2 card (To download)

4. Bhop_Water CS2 Bhop

Bunnyhopping mode bhop_water card in counter strike 2

Bhopping is also a popular custom game mode in many Valve titles. The trick in Counter-Strike 2 is to learn how to strafe and time your jumps into a real rabbit hop. If you already know how to bhop, that’s great, because it’s quite difficult to do that. Bhop_water is a fun, medium-length bhop map, and you’ll have fun practicing surfing here too

The bhopping scene in CS2 is just getting started, so we’ll be seeing more cards soon. Because this map involves both jumping and surfing, you need to use both the surf commandsjust like the bhop commands to enable it. To find out how to enter it, see our developer console guide above.

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Bhop_Water (To download)

5. The_Dust2_Classic CS 1.6 edition

original cs 1.6 de_dust 2 card in counter strike 2

Want to go back to the good old days? Before CS:GO came out, there was Counter-Strike: Source, but the gold standard for Counter-Strike remains the original CS 1.6. Wouldn’t it be great if you could play the original de_dust2 from 1.6, but on the Source 2 engine on Counter-Strike 2? Then we have exactly what you are looking for with this CS2 workshop card.

Although this is an older card, the built-in Source 2 lighting, reflections and shadows are all present here. It feels truly remarkable to play with this level of graphics on such an old map. It’s also a lot of fun; simply download the map from the link below and select the Death match mode when you select it in-game.

The_Dust2_Classic (To download)

And for us, these are the absolute best workshop maps in CS2 right now. However, keep in mind that since the workshop has just been released, we will see more cards soon. So stay tuned as we may add a few more selections here. It will be great to see this ecosystem grow in the future. What is your favorite CS2 card from this lot? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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