The Evil Within Is Available for Free on the Epic Games Store

The Evil Within is offered for free on the Epic Games Store

The Evil Within games are a strange set of titles that have grown on me over the years. Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within has become a cult hit among horror fans, even with its questionable gameplay choices. Since October is the spooky month, Epic Games Store decided to spread some love among gamers. The best way they did that was by offering The Evil Within for free on the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games are offering The Evil Within for free for the first time

The Evil Within 2 cats licking their toes.  The game is available for free on the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games consistently offers free games on their marketplace every Thursday. And if you want to keep up to date with their offerings, we’ve got a handy guide with one list of free games, updated every week. Although the strategy was not easy the Fortnite developer’s wallet, they are adamant when it comes to customer retention. Although they have reiterated their previous offering, they are introducing two sets of games that they have not offered before.

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Starting October 19, Epic Games Store users can do that claim the first Evil Within game free. As usual, you’ll need an EGS account to redeem the game, and you can keep it once you’ve claimed it. The game can be claimed for a whole week, until October 26th. The ongoing deal on the title contains only the base game and not the three DLCs the game received. You have to purchase them separately.

Next week comes The Evil Within 2 will replace the first game as a free offer. That game can be claimed for free from October 26 and requires an EGS account. Additionally, it will also be available to claim for a week. Unlike its predecessor, the second game contains no DLCs. So you experience the whole story and the conclusion of the saga.

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The Evil Within series is a set of third-person survival games developed by Tango Gameworks. The first game, directed by Shinji Mikami, followed a group of detectives trapped in an ever-changing landscape as they attempted to apprehend a supernatural serial killer. It had the signature Mikami touch. Additionally, the game attempted to emulate survival movies, introducing letterboxing and other features from movies.

The sequel, which was not directed by Mikami but by John Johanas, continues the storyline of the first game. It reintroduces Sebastian Castellanos, who enters a creepy Matrix to catch a serial killer and accidentally encounters his wife, who he thought was dead. Oh, there’s just a lot of white color in this game too. There is white water in your capsule. Seriously, there’s a lot of white in the game.

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Both games have achieved cult status. Even I’m so enamored with the series that I cosplayed one of the villains from the first game (sorry, not sharing images). It certainly makes me happy that The Evil Within is available for free on the Epic Games Store, as many new gamers can now experience its magic. Are you excited to try out the games? Let us know in the comments below.

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