The Marvels Post Credit Scene Shakes up MCU’s Future

I just watched The Marvels, and believe me when I say, don’t listen to anyone who says this movie isn’t worth watching. You may not be a fan of Captain Marvel or Ms. Marvel, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy this movie immensely. It’s packed with great VFX, well-executed action sequences, and a pretty decent storyline. However, the film also has certain drawbacks, such as an underused villain, certain plot holes and some ‘Marvel humor’, which seemed quite forced at times. But even if you’re not a fan of Captain Marvel, I recommend watching this movie for the post-credits scene alone. Trust me folks, you will be amazed. So let’s take a look at The Marvels’ post-credits scene and what it stands for upcoming Marvel movies.

Spoiler warning: This article contains major spoilers for The Marvels Monvie, so proceed at your own risk.

How many post-credit scenes are in the Marvels?

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Before the release of The miracles, there were speculations that it would have two post-credit scenes. However, we can now confirm that The Marvels has only one post-credit scene, which is quite a game-changer for the entire MCU.

Previously, people said that the post-credits scene would give us canon to the young Avengers by bringing back Kate Bishop who teams up with Kamala Khan to find Cassie Lang. But believe me, what we have here is much bigger than that. Read on to find out.

The Marvels post-credit scene: The X-Men are here!

Marvel's post-credits scene shakes up the future of the MCU
Source: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

Near the end of the film, Monica seemingly sacrifices herself by using her powers to save the universe. However, she did not die but ended up in a completely different universe! In the post-credits scene, we see Monica Rambeau waking up in a hospital bed and as she turns around, she sees Maria Rambeau.

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However, in this universe she is not Captain Marvel but Binary. She refuses to recognize Monica, and we see her wearing a comically accurate binary costume, but that’s not the best part.

Can you guess who Monica’s doctor is here? It’s none other than the Beast himself! Yes, the big blue beast we’ve seen in the US for so long X-Men movies. He explains to Monica that:

“All we know is that Binary found you. My theory? You have somehow passed through a tear in space-time. You are now in a reality parallel to your own. Which is of course impossible.”

It seems like Monica has been teleported to an alternate reality, a timeline where X-Men exist, but Beast doesn’t understand how. Before he leaves the two Rambeaus, he says: ‘Charles asked for an update’ reinforcing the fact that the X-Men are quite well established in this reality.

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How the Marvels post-credit scene shapes the future of MCU

It looks like Marvel has something big in store for us surrounding X-Men, given the teases we’ve received in a row. We saw Professor X come in Doctor Strange Multiverse of madnesswe met Namor, and we found out that Kamala Khan, or Miss Marvel, is also a mutant.

I also think the events of The Marvels will tie into the upcoming one Deadpool 3 movie, because we already know that the X-Men and Wolverine will appear in Deadpool 3. Wherever this happens next, I’m so ready to see Professor X and the X-Men in their spandex suits in action. So Marvel, make it happen!

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