The Marvels: Who Is Binary, the Woman In Red and White Suit?

The Marvels is out, and I’ll be honest: this movie is better than I expected. Ironically, though, the best parts of this movie weren’t in the entire movie itself, but right at the end of The Marvels and in the post-credit scene. In the post-credits scene, we see the familiar face of Maria Rambeau, who is the one who saves Monica when she accidentally takes an interdimensional journey. However, you see that Maria does not recognize and become Monica, her own daughter called binary by Beast. She also wears a red and white costume and seems to know nothing about Monica. So now the question arises: who is binary in The Marvels? Let’s find out in this article!

Who is binary in the MCU?

Source: MCU database

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Okay, to answer your question: In the Marvel comic universe, Binary is the X-Men version of Captain Marvel. However, contrary to what we see in The Marvels post-credit sceneMaria Rambeau was not binary, Carol Danvers was. A chain of events Uncanny X-Men #164 from 1982 causes Carol to lose her Captain Marvel powers and become binary.

She is often referred to as one of the most powerful heroes, but one thing about Binary’s character is that she is also one of the most powerful heroes. the most tragic characters in the MCU. Her origin story is filled with misogyny and objectification. She is also one of the few superheroes to ever fall victim to SA. Binary was also an inspiring character for people who have fallen victim to this.

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When talking about Binary’s character arc, she has the powers of Captain Marvel, but was called Ms. Marvel in this universe. She was initially part of the Avengers. After their callous treatment of her traumatic experience, she joined the X-Men. In the post-credits scene of The Marvels, we see Maria as Binary instead of Carol. This means that all these things have already happened, and they have now part of the X-Men.

Future of binary in the MCU

As of now, we can’t say for sure what Binary’s future will be in the MCU, and I’ll tell you why. We know that the MCU is exploring the multiverse from now on. We also know this after Doctor Strange: Multiverse of madnessDeadpool 3 takes this one step further.

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With Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine (as seen in 2000’s X-Men) and other X-Men rumored to be in it Deadpool 3, I do have a theory. We’ll likely see Binary fight alongside Wolverine and Deadpool in the future, which could lead to the events of the yet-unannounced upcoming MCU X-Men movie.

However, due to the lack of resources, we cannot say much about this. The Marvels have given us canon for massive X-Men participation in the future and let’s see what MCU decides to do with it. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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