This AI-Based Image-Enhancer Tool Restores Faces with Great Accuracy

Download This AI-Based Image-Enhancer Tool Restores Faces with Great Accuracy for free

Artificial intelligence (AI) has had a huge impact in different sectors, especially in the image editing/slice generation, as technology companies have different advanced AI-based tools to enhance and generate images. And now, a recent contestant is an AI-based image enhancement tool that promises to generate more accurate facial features of individuals in portrait images than previous AI-based imaging tools.

dubbed as GFP-GAN, which is short for Generative Face Priority based on the Generative Adversarial Network architecture, was developed by researchers at the Tencent ARC Lab in China. in a recent official newspaper, the researchers described their latest AI-based image enhancement tool that uses the GAN architecture to restore individuals’ faces in old, blurry and damaged images and generate an upscaled version of it.

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The difference between GFP-GAN and other AI-based imaging tools is that it prioritizes restoring individuals’ facial details while reducing unwanted artifacts. The team of researchers also created a demo of the tool to demonstrate its function.

“While previous methods struggled to restore faithful facial details or maintain facial identity, our proposed GFP-GAN achieves a good balance between authenticity and reliability with far fewer artifacts. In addition, the powerful generative facial treatment allows us to co-deliver restoration and color enhancement.” feed.” the researchers wrote in the paper.

According to our testing, the GFP-GAN tool works like a charm for blurry and old images, giving you a high-resolution image, but generating some creepy-looking images.

Furthermore, the app crashed completely and showed a “runtime error” after we used it on an image with multiple faces. Although the CPU memory limit was not exceeded, it repeatedly showed the same.

In addition, critics suggest that AI-based image-enhancing tools such as GFP-GAN could pose a privacy threat to many, as they can be used to monitor populations and enhance CCTV images of people without their consent. Still, it’s not as bad as the Clearview AI system, I think so.

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What are your thoughts on GFP-GAN? Do you think these instruments can benefit society in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

This AI-based image enhancer restores faces with great accuracy, but has a few issues

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