This App Lets You Pin Webpages like Apps on the macOS Menu Bar

This App Lets You Pin Webpages like Apps on the macOS Menu Bar

While there are many useful apps available for Apple’s Mac computers, I’m sure you will love this nifty app we are covering today if you’re someone who likes to keep a tab on various social media apps and web platforms. Dubbed MenubarX, this is a menu bar browser tool that lets you pin webpages like apps on the ever-accessible menu bar in macOS. Check out the details below to learn more about this app.

This Nifty Mac App Lets You Pin Webpages like Apps on the macOS Menu Bar

MenubarX, created by an independent developer named Zili Huang, is a powerful menu bar tool that is designed to offer a seamless web browsing experience in macOS. The app lets you pin your favorite web pages, music streaming services, and even games to the menu bar on Mac devices. You can then access a live version of the pinned web pages without needing to open your browser. They will be available as apps on the menu bar. Here are a few examples:

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After you install MenubarX on your Mac, you can click the “X” icon on the menu bar to access the browser. You can then open a new web page and pin it on the menu bar. For instance, if you open your Twitter feed and pin it to the macOS menu bar, a new icon for the webpage, with its official logo, will be added to the menu bar. You will then be able to access a live version of the feed in a small drop-down window by clicking the icon.

The app also offers various features for pinned web pages on the menu bar. For starters, you will be able to choose between a monochrome theme or a colorful theme for the icons of the pages. Plus, you can select after how much time each page automatically refreshes† Furthermore, you can change the window size of the pages to simulate different versions. The size options include widget, iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPad mini, desktop, and more.

MenubarX is available for free on the Mac App Store and runs on macOS 10.14 or later. Other than English, the app supports languages ​​like Japanese, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese. So, if you are eager to try out this useful macOS menu bar app, check it out from the attached link right now. Also, let us know your experience in the comments below.

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