This Fan-Made Game Lets You Play as Thing from the Addams Family

Where is my body feature

Since the dawn of gaming, indie developers have impressed us with their creative endeavors. One such game that recently caught our attention is called ‘Where is My Body?’ It was built by an Armenian studio, Osvayder Games, who decided to create a game that allows you to fill the entire world shoes gloves from the hands of the Addams family, aka Thing, and complete what appear to be tasks.

While negotiations were ongoing between the developer and the rights holder, Osvayder Games made sure fans got a taste of the game through an eye-catching gameplay trailer. While the game is being built Unreal engine 5the graphics are as accurate as we’ve seen in the movies or the latest Netflix series on Wednesday.

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Where is my body? Gameplay trailer

In the gameplay we see the hand wandering around many different locations. The playing style is similar to the popular game Stray and Little nightmares. While exploring you interact with objects, doors or even catapults. We also see the drink brewing segment, where you have to brew a drink or some kind of mixture. This could possibly tie into the later clip where we see Thing become invisible for a brief moment. An important part of the game will be the customization part. As seen in the trailer, we can see Thing change his costume and even his skin color.

Game Launch Update: Addams Family Approved?

The rights negotiations were a crucial part of the “Where is My Body?” game. It would help in the game to have partial or full rights to the main character, in this case Thing. However, during recent negotiations, Thing’s rights holder, MGM, asked the developers to remove any properties that appear imminent.

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Osvayder Games on X (formerly Twitter) later tweeted: “The rights holder demanded the removal of all material related to the franchise. We, as responsible developers, have met all the requirements and taken away the results of many months of hard work by our team. But we had a backup plan.”

All this means is that the game will launch, the hand will likely not be called Things, and will undergo numerous tweaks here and there to avoid copyright issues. The developer accepted the decision but also assured fans of a possible update soon. The reincarnation of popularity in the Addams Family franchise could indicate potential partnership problems. With the series ‘Wednesday’ returning to Netflix for season 2, it’s entirely possible that the game will become extremely popular when it launches. As the developer has already promised there will be an early access and demo of the game, we can’t wait to try it out and share our nifty creative thoughts. Are you excited to find your body? Let us know in the comments below.

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