This Mac Menu Bar App Removes All Formatting Before You Paste the Text!

This Mac Menu Bar App Removes All Formatting Before You Paste the Text!

when Larry Tesler invented the copy-pasting functionality for computers, it was not as modern as it is today. Now, if you copy something from a source and paste it, most computers tend to paste the whole text with all the rich text formatting such as italics, bold, and all that. It becomes annoying when you just want to paste the clean text without any formatting. This is where Pure Paste comes into the picture. It is a macOS menu bar app that eliminates all the formatting from texts automatically before you paste them onto your text field.

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Pure Paste on macOS Now Available

Pure Paste is a free nifty app for macOS that is designed to run in the background and remove all the formatting from copied texts automatically† It allows a user to clean-paste texts every time without the need for special keyboard shortcuts or other ways to remove rich text formatting.

The application sits in the menu bar of your macOS device and automatically removes all the formatting from texts when you copy them from a source. You can also enable the option to only remove text formatting when askedin case you want manual controls.

Now, it is worth mentioning that there are some ways to clean paste texts that don’t require the Pure Paste app. for instance, you can use the Command-Shift-Option-V keyboard shortcut instead of the usual Command+V option to clean-paste texts. However, it is much easy with applications like Pure Paste, as you won’t need to perform a four-finger exercise each time you want to get rid of formatting from text.

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As for security, although Pure Paste can access your clipboard for its functionality, the developer mentions that the application does not collect or store any data† It also ignores the texts copied from password managers and is incapable of connecting to the internet.

So, if you are a Mac user and often face formatting issues while copy-pasting texts, check out Pure Paste on the App Store (Free† Also, if you are looking for a similar app for your Windows 10/11 device, check out the Pure Text app on the Microsoft Store (Free† Let us know your thoughts about this formatting-free text pasting app in the comments below.

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