This Useful iPhone Shortcut Made Photo Editing Tasks Easier for Me

As an Apple Ecosystem Writer, I have to deal with a lot in my daily work iPhone screenshots and images, which I need to combine into one image. Honestly, sometimes it gets annoying to move all my screenshots to my MacBook, where I would combine them using photo editing software like Canva or an app like PhotoScape X. Or I would switch to a third-party photo editing app for iPhone. It was time consuming and also hindered the overall quality.

Well, that was my story until I discovered this super handy iOS shortcut to combine multiple images into one, right on my iPhone. So if you are also still using third party apps for such photo editing needs, you must try this shortcut right now.

Apple Shortcuts is a free-to-use iOS app that lets you automate combination steps to create useful shortcuts that help you complete specific tasks faster or automate them with one tap. Whether you want to turn on power saving mode automatically or make iPhone 15 Pro action button more useful, the Shortcuts app can make your life easier. In the task at hand, let’s see how to create a shortcut to combine photos on iPhone.

The Shortcuts app is pre-installed on all iPhone models. If you don’t see it on your iPhone, you can do that download it for free from the App Store.

Step 1: Create the custom shortcut

  • First open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. You will see several shortcuts pre-created for you.
  • To create a new shortcut, tap the “+” icon from the top right corner.
  • By default, the app names the shortcut as “New shortcut 1”. I highly recommend that you change its name so that you can easily find it later. No one remembers what New Shortcut 1 was for.
  • To change the name, tap the small downward-facing arrow (next to the name) and click the Rename option. Now choose a preferred name. I mentioned it “Merging Photos”.
Create a shortcut in the Shortcuts app on iPhone

Step 2: Add actions to shortcut

Once you’ve created a shortcut, the next step is to add actions to it.

  • Tap the “Add action” knob.
  • Here, type ‘photos’ in the search bar and choose the ‘Select Photosoption from the list. This action will automatically open the Photos app on your iPhone and allow you to select multiple images.
  • Now, tap the small arrow icon next to Select Photos and enable the option Select Multiple switches. Then tap the cross at the bottom of the screen opposite Photos.
Add actions to an iOS shortcut
  • Use the search bar at the bottom of the page, type ‘image’ and choose ‘To combine Pictures” from the list. By default, images are combined horizontally. You can also choose to combine images vertically or in a grid. For this, tap Horizontal and make a selection. You can also choose how much space you want between the images. By default this is set to zero. To adjust, tap the arrow next to Horizontal (or whatever option you chose) and enter a number.
Combine Photos Action in Shortcuts app
  • Now search for ‘photos’ again in the search bar and choose ‘Save to photo album” from the list of actions.
  • Once you’ve added these three actions, press the Finished option in the top right corner.
Save the combined photo action in the Shortcuts app

Now you can easily combine photos on your iPhone using the created shortcut.

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For faster access, you can add this shortcut to your iPhone home screen. To do this, tap the three horizontal dots and then tap the Share icon from the bottom and select “Add to home screen”.

Add a shortcut to the home screen on iPhone

Step 3: Run the shortcut

Once you create this iOS photo editing shortcut, you can combine multiple photos on your iPhone in seconds. All you have to do is activate this shortcut. Here are the steps to do this:

When combining multiple images, make sure to select the images with the same size and orientation. If you combine cropped, smaller, or vertical photos with full-size or horizontal photos, the final combined image will look strange.

  • Open the shortcut you created from the Shortcuts app. Once you’ve added the shortcut to the home screen, simply tap it.
  • It immediately opens the Photos app for you. Now select the images you want to combine. Please note that you must select the images in the order you want them to appear.
  • After you select the images, tap Add from top right. It will combine your images in a few seconds.
Run the custom shortcut
  • Now go to the Photos app and check the combined image.
Images combined using the iPhone shortcut

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating this shortcut from scratch, here is the iCloud link for the shortcut to combine images on iPhone. Simply tap it and then tap the Add Shortcut button to add it to your Shortcuts app.

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This is how I make maximum use of the Shortcuts app on the iPhone. This was just an example of what you can achieve with the app to automate your daily tasks. Another very useful shortcut that I keep very handy is this one Shortcut that allows you to remove water from your iPhone.

If you’re looking for another iPhone shortcut to automate a specific task, feel free to contact us in the comments below and we’ll come up with some neat tricks.

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