This Windows 11 Mod Shrinks It down to Just 3GB; Details Here

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Even though Windows 11 has been optimized over time, it is still quite heavy when it comes to overall installation. However, that hasn’t stopped avid Windows enthusiasts from downsizing it. While Windows 11 Lite was one of the attempts, a recent modification even reduced Windows 11 to just GBS! Called Tiny11 Core, this Windows 11 mod packs all the core Windows features into an incredibly small installation size. Let’s discuss all the details below.

Tiny11 Core Windows 11 Mod Released: Key Features and Install Size

Tiny11 Kern is a new Windows 11 mod created by Romania-based developer @NTDEV. The developer has worked on similar mods to Tiny 11 in the past, but this is its best attempt yet. There are a few exciting features in the new Tiny11 Core project. The highlight here, however, is that the final installation size is just around the corner 3GB. This is obviously minuscule compared to the official Windows 11 requirements, that require 64 GB or more of storage space.

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The Tiny11 Core Windows 11 Setup ISO is also only 2 GB in size. This makes Tiny11 one of the most lightweight Windows 11 tweaks. Please note that you may need OS tweaks such as Tiny11 or Correct11 use the system correctly without any limited functionality.

tiny11 core windows 11 mod install size and ram usage
Tiny11 Core installation size and RAM usage (Source: @NTDEV_)

NDTEV has used LZX disk (de)compression to reduce the size of its installation and ensure it is under 3 GB. As such, overall system resource consumption (CPU usage, disk usage, etc.) is reduced with mods like this.

That said, Tiny11 Core has a lot of limitations. To achieve this, many parts were stripped or completely removed in the first place. The developer said that ‘major changes had to take place,” and he removed many Windows 11 features such as Windows Defender, Microsoft Edge, and Windows Update, among others. This means that Tiny11 Core has very limited security, and as such, NDTEV has suggested it only be used as a “quick-and-dirty testbed or development platform.”

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Tiny11 Core for Windows 11: Should You Install It?

This current Tiny11 Core Beta 1 version is based on Windows 11 Pro 23H2, build number 22631.2361. So the question remains – you need to install Tiny 11 Core? The developer says it is no replacement for the normal Tiny11. This ‘core’ version is too stripped down for most users, and most users should still stick with Tiny11 for now. It’s also best not to do this on your primary PC.

Tiny11 Kern is intended for running Windows 11 on a virtual machine for testing purposes. Developers can use this stripped-down version of the operating system to test drivers and applications. Despite this, the developer says that many applications from the Windows Store will work fine. So while risky, installing the latest operating system on an old PC could be the savior.

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What do you think of Windows 11 tweaks like Tiny11 Core? Would you install this on your PC? Let us know in the comments below.

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