TikToker Uses iPod Shuffle as a Hair Clip; Video Goes Viral

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A recent TikTok video showing Apple’s iPod Shuffle as a hair clip has gone viral, has over 2 million views on the short video platform and is making us Millennials feel old. The 15 second video clip shows a girl with a second generation iPod Shuffle with the text “does anyone know what this is?!??!” float over it. In the next frame, the girl pinned the digital audio player to her hair using the built-in clip.

Shared about a week ago, the video went viral on the very popular short video platform when more than two million people watched it and said how old they felt. It came from TikToker Celeste Tice (@freckenbats) and at the time of writing this article has approximately 2.5 million views, 268,000 likes and over 13,000 comments.

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“So I found this old iPod… I don’t know, like a hair clip thing,” Tice said jokingly, fidgeting with the built-in clip on the back of the device. After her statement, she did a few poses for the camera with the iPod Shuffle strapped to her hair while Britney Spears’ Toxic played in the background. You can watch the video on TikTok here. Make sure to use a VPN if you are using TikTok from India.

For those who didn’t know, the built-in clip on the back of the iPod Shuffle was for attaching the device to a user’s shirt or wristband during a workout or jogging session. However, Tice got creative with it and used the clip to make a hair clip from the iPod Shuffle.

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As a reminder, Apple released the first generation iPod Shuffle in 2005. The digital audio player, which comes in a compact form factor along with the necessary buttons to control music playback, was later discontinued by the Cupertino giant in 2017.

Now if you’re thinking that Tice isn’t familiar with the iPod Shuffle she showed off in the video, I’d say you’re wrong. In a next video, the TikToker revealed that the second-generation iPod Shuffle actually belonged to her when she was 10 years old.

However, in the viral video, in which she joked about using the device as a hair clip, several commenters expressed how old they felt while watching the video. “Look, I won’t let it” [you] make me feel old at 26,” wrote one user. Although Tice joked about using the iPod Shuffle as a hair clip, I quite like the idea. What do you think about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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TikToker uses iPod Shuffle as a hair clip; Video goes viral

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