Top 5 Must-Have Android Apps in 2020

With the majority of the World going online, it has become a necessity to keep up with the latest technology trends. With an endless number of websites, as well as mobile apps, getting launched daily, it becomes very important to sieve out the ones that could make your lives easier from the ones, which may just waste your time and fill up your android Smartphone space.

Here are 5 of the most amazing android apps of the year 2020; you must have them to make your daily routine better.

top 5 apps of 2020

Instagram: Since its launch, Instagram has rapidly gained the title for one of the best social media apps. Instagram does not only allow you to share some of the most beautifully captured photographs by you but also helps you to know the whereabouts of your friends, family, as well as your favorite celebs.

Not only that, but you can also follow your favorite brands to keep up with the latest trends in the fashion world. Moreover, if you are unable to find your long lost friends, we assure you of their virtual presence on this amazing social media app.

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9Apps: Confused between the endless options available in the play store to download from? You need not worry anymore, just download the 9Apps APK android app to preview, download as well as use some of the most amazing android apps and games which you might not be able to find even on the play store.

Their filtering options also help you to sieve out the unnecessary apps and retain the best ones to make your life much easier.

 Cartoon HD: If you are also one of those who can’t wait to binge-watch their favorite shows and movies, Cartoon HD is a must-have for you Not only, that, Cartoon HD is free to download and you can even order to watch your favorite shows whenever you want on the go.

It also helps you get in touch with the latest music video trends as well as the classic ones with just a few clicks on your smartphone screen. It could be your favorite friend to enjoy your endless journeys as well as sleepless nights with.

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 Evernote: Have you ever had a sudden creative Eureka moment and then felt lost for places to store them in? If the answer is affirmative, you definitely will find good use of the Evernote app. It’s one of the most efficient ways to manage your notes and thus keeping your brilliant ideas all on your fingertips. This definitely increases your productivity to a great extent considering you can also add business cards, audio, images, etc.,  to the notes and drafts you want to save in Evernote.

 Uber: Ever felt helpless walking down the street in chilling weather when you could not find yourself a taxi? Uber is a must-have android app for every smartphone user.

It allows you to book a cab at your current location without any hassle. Moreover, it shows you the fixed price that you may be charged at the end of the ride. It comes handy in times of emergencies, as well.

Smartphones have become a necessity in our day to day lives, so have the life-saving android apps. However, it is essential to stay away from the apps which might simply kill your time.

The above-mentioned apps would not only make your daily lives convenient but also provide you a cut off from your day to day hectic schedule.

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