Twitter Tests CoTweets to Let You Tweet Together with Friends

Twitter Tests CoTweets to Let You Tweet Together with Friends

Twitter has started testing the possibility of letting users post tweets together. Dubbed CoTweets, the co-authoring feature is now live for select Twitter users in the US, Canada, and Korea. Here’s all you need to know about the new feature in testing.

Twitter's CoTweets Lets You Tweet Together with Friends

Twitter Tests Feature to Co-Author Tweets

As the name suggests, CoTweet feature is all about letting Twitter users collaborate with each other on tweets. With CoTweets, two Twitter users can share a tweet together. When two authors decide to co-tweet, Twitter shares the tweet to both authors’ profiles and follower timelines.

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To get started, one author should create the CoTweet and invite the co-author. The second person will have the option to accept or reject the invitation. Moreover, co-authors will also have the option to revoke the CoTweet after it’s published. In that case, the CoTweet will turn into a regular tweet from the original author.

“We’re testing CoTweets for a limited time to learn how people and brands may use this feature to grow and reach new audiences, and strengthen their collaborations with other accounts,” a Twitter spokesperson told TechCrunch

On an FAQ page, Twitter reveals that the CoTweet feature can only have two authors and can’t be shared in Twitter Circle, which was recently introduced too. A CoTweet tweet can be retweeted, quoted, and users can add polls and more to it. But, it can’t be promoted. You can check out the FAQ page to know more details.

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Twitter’s CoTweet feature closely resembles Instagram Collab. Introduced last year, the feature lets you collaborate on Instagram posts and Reels with other creators. Now that CoTweet is around the horizon, we could expect hilarious (or possibly cringeworthy) viral tweets from brands in the future.

According to Twitter, the co-tweeting experiment will run for a limited time. The company also mentions that it may turn off the feature at the end of the experiment and may remove the CoTweets users create over the trial period. So, will you consider using this feature to tweet with your friends? Let us know in the comments.

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