(Ultimate Guide) How To Elevate Roads in Cities: Skylines May 2022

How to Raise City Streets: Skylines: Have you ever thought how it would feel to be in charge of an entire city? Cities: Skylines allows you to customize the look of your huge city. Elevated roads are one of the many conceivable configurations of the game.

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The most common way to achieve elevation separation is to control road elevation and allow traffic to pass with minimal intervention. Raised and underpassed roads allow vehicles to drive faster and smoother because they no longer have to stop at road signs and traffic lights.

However, they have the disadvantage that they do not allow any development next to them, which leads to the loss of usable land. Some buildings can easily be placed under elevated roads (depending on the elevation of the route), but elevated roads often require support foundations, limiting the space accessible underneath.

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To change the street elevation, use the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN buttons while dragging the street. The keyboard pairs are Fn + Up or Fn + Down if the Page Up/Down keys are not labeled on a Mac keyboard.

Users can vary the elevation level expansion by tapping the vertical line next to the freeways (the elevation change caused by a single tap of PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN). The default height step is 12 meters but can be changed to 3, 6 or 12 meters.

Complete Walkthrough: How to Increase Streets in Cities: Skylines

We know you are in a hurry to have the best gaming experience. Here are a few effective ways you can do it.

To learn how to raise roads in Cities: Skylines, first go to road building mode and select a route type. The altitude can be changed by tapping Page Up or Page Down after selecting a route for the location.

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The entire road segment would have the same elevation if users changed the elevation before starting to create a road. If you change the elevation after you’ve started placing, the road will build uphill from the original elevation to your chosen higher peak.

The approach is the same on consoles: select the road build mode and choose a road to start building. Click the radial pad up or down to change the height.

Users can additionally change the size of each altitude gain in the PC version of the game by using the Altitude Levels toolbar, which toggles between the numerous Altitude Levels available.

Because elevated roads can be affected by other developments and road structures, knowing the road elevation can affect or affect traffic management in a city. So take some time to play around with the street height!

What do gamers think about How To Elevate Roads in Cities: Skylines

Done right, elevated roads can make your city more attractive. However, customizing the roads can sometimes be tricky. Let’s look at the approaches and solutions.

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You can only adjust the height of your roads at the planning stage. You shouldn’t have built roads before building elevated roads, but you should be in the process of doing so.

Elevated roads help reduce traffic congestion, and certain buildings can even be built underneath. With effective management, your residents will enjoy smooth and fast traffic, making them happier and less likely to riot.

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If you want to raise the street, use the Page Up and Down keys on the PC edition, or Fn + Up and Fn + Down on the Mac edition. As mentioned earlier, we can also use fine road tools to raise the roadways. I hope you found this post helpful.

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