Valorant ISO: Abilities, Release Date, Trailers, and More

The growing pool of Valorant agents continues to expand as Riot Games today officially released the trailer for ISO, the newest duelist agent. During VCT 2023, Riot confirmed two new agents and immediately released them Impasse. While they confirmed that the other agent would be a duelist, it wasn’t until recently that we got to see some teasers and posters about his abilities and presence. Finally, after a series of leaks, Riot has released the reveal trailer for Valorant’s latest duelist ISO. so let’s take a look at the trailer, features and release date of ISO in Valorant.

Valorant ISO Release Date

brave iso official image

ISO will be released with the upcoming Valorant Episode 7, Act 3 update, which is coming soon October 31, 2023. The agent reveal trailer is already here (linked below) and the gameplay trailer will be released on October 20, 2023. We can also see ISO speaking Chinese in the trailer, confirming its origins. ISO being a Chinese agent could possibly be related to Omen’s origins, as another Chinese agent Sage is also part of his lore.

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Valorant ISO reveal trailer

The ISO reveal trailer is here. In this trailer he is shown as an assassin who is hired by a mysterious entity to wipe out a scientist and some guards. At the end of the trailer we also see this mysterious person giving ISO the task of killing Valorant agent Omen (read our List of Valorant agent levels while you’re here). Apart from that, we hear the guards talking about ISO and referring to him as one bulletproof wizard. And now that his abilities are public, we understand why that’s the case.

Valorant ISO: list of skills

As a duelist, it was speculated that ISO would focus on gunfights and marksmanship. With the reveal trailer, Riot has amplified that and declared him a murderer, but instead of taking up arms Room, he’s more focused on protecting you from enemy fire. Let’s take a look at all the possibilities of ISO here:

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Unforeseen circumstances (C)


You can equip this ability to compose a prismatic energy. Once done, press fire to send forward an indestructible wall of energy. This wall blocks bullets and self-destructs after reaching the end point. Sounds overbearing?

Undercut (Q)


ISO has a molecular lightning bolt that you can throw in a certain direction. It moves in a straight line and the bolt applies a short breakable effect for all enemies it touches. This fragile effect deployed by ISO is similar to Valorant agent Killjoy’s alarm bot. You can throw this molecular lightning bolt through any object. This includes boxes, structures or even walls.

Double-sided tape)

Double tap

Tapping the signature skill button will start a timer with the name focus timer. During this timer, you enter a flow state where if you kill an enemy, it generates an orb similar to Reyna’s. Shooting the orb will give you a purple shield. While in this shield state, you can dodge each damage once, including Raze’s showstopper (shown above) or an example of Sova’s fighter’s rage.

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Death contract (X)

Kill Contract Skill Iso

ISO creates an interdimensional arena on the Valorant battlefield using his ultimate. Once it’s activated, you can launch a column of energy across the battlefield. This attracts you and the first enemy it hits in an arena. In this arena you and your enemy remain until one of you wins the duel through combat. No other player can communicate until the duel is over.

So that’s pretty much everything we know about Valorant’s 24th agent named ISO, who is currently the newest duelist. We’ll find out more about this Chinese agent in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. What do you think of ISO in Valorant? Does he look overwhelming or will he be as disappointing as Deadlock? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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