Valorant’s New Weapon ‘Outlaw’ Accidentally Leaked; Check It Out!

Brave new gun ban leak

Riot Games always brings something new to the game with every update. We recently got one new card as Sunsetand on November 1st we will get the latest duelist ISO with the next episode 7 Act 3. One thing Valorant didn’t receive, however, is a new weapon. Maybe it’s time for that, and a new leak suggests as much. A new weapon has been spotted in the Chinese beta version of the game. The new Valorant weapon is speculated to be a sniper rifle from the sniper category, so let’s find out all about it now.

Valorant’s New Outlaw Weapon: Overview

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According to several influencers, the name of the weapon will be Exile. Riot Games likes to make some final changes to the naming of their content, such as agent or card names, so the weapon name may still be changed. Earlier this year we saw Valorant launch in China with another customer.

The video of an influencer opening the gun shop where Outlaw was seen was leaked from the same Chinese customer sits right below the marshal. The gun resembles Lockwood Mk 2 from MW2 and could function like the 30-30 dual shell from the Apex Legends BR.

Valorant new weapon in store

The Outlaw will costs 2,400 credits and will be somewhere between the Marshal (950 credits) and the Operator (4700 credits). Rumor has it that the weapon can also do a maximum damage of 150 to the head. The scope also looks smaller, which can result in a shorter zoom range, unlike Marshal or the mighty Operator.

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Remember that the Marshal already kills enemies on the head. Since the weapon price is between Guardian and Bulldog, it could become the next fan favorite. We won’t know until the gun comes out (if it comes at all).

When is Valorant’s new weapon coming?

So far, Riot Games has neither confirmed nor denied this leak. We all know how Riot likes to throw leaks and speculations at its fan community. However, the original video that leaked this new weapon has now disappeared from the thread. Nevertheless, it can also be the exclusive weapon of a Chinese customer. Want a new weapon in Valorant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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