What Is an NFT Avatar and How to Get One?

What Is an NFT Avatar and How to Get One?

By now, you must have seen how popular the concept of the Metaverse is becoming. Combined with the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), this digital world and all its virtual worlds are being used for socializing, gaming, and even real estate. However, did you know that NFTs can be used for even more than that? NFT avatars are a hot topic with a lot of Metaverse users wanting one. But what exactly is an NFT avatar, what is it used for, and can you even get one? Find out answers to all these and more in this handy guide we’ve created for you. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

NFT Avatar and How to Get One

The topic of an NFT Avatar is an interesting one so I will start by talking about that. However, if you would rather skip to getting one for yourself, use the table below to jump to the step by step guide.

What Is an NFT Avatar and How to Get One?

You might have heard the term NFT avatar before. To put it simply, an NFT avatar is a digitally generated image that is made in a cartoonish or pixelated fashion. An NFT avatar is usually in a profile picture format and features imagery of the characters usually from the shoulder up of the character. However, what makes an NFT avatar stand out is that it’s usually created with very unique artistic traits. You might see NFTs of an abstract character that looks otherworldly or a familiar character with a weird design. Since no two avatars look similar, there will always be something unique to your avatar.

The market for NFT avatars has hugely accelerated in the last few years. If you read our guide on how to buy virtual land in the Metaverse, you might have seen land sell for a premium. Well, NFT avatars follow suit and actually sell for millions of dollars in the right market. Users also buy compatible avatars and display them on various platforms.

NFT avatars are extremely popular on the digital market due to various reasons. However, some of the most predominant reasons for their popularity are:

1. Avatars are Scarce

As mentioned above, each NFT avatar is unique to itself. While a user can copy-paste that image anywhere, the actual ownership of the avatar lies with the owner. Just like in the art world, since these avatars keep getting bought it up, it has caused a scarcity of much-wanted ones. Avatars in limited NFT collections have seen their prices skyrocket depending on how old they are. So if you’re a user who loves all this, it makes sense you would think towards getting an NFT that is rare and valuable. This in turn fuels this engine and drives the NFT avatar boom forward.

While these avatars are used for various purposes, that isn’t to say they don’t have added perks. Some NFT collections have entire communities built around them. These communities offer added advantages that may be specific to that collection. For instance – some NFT communities offer access to an exclusive Discord server and Discord channel post the avatar purchase.

Moreover, a popular NFT collection called the Bored Ape Yacht Club has an exclusive digital community bathroom where users can draw graffiti. Depending on the type of NFT you buy, you may get other distinct benefits.

3. Investment

As in the case of virtual land, these avatars are can be a great long-term investment. A lot of users got into this business early and bought these avatars when the pricing was low. Now the same avatars can be seen being sold for triple their price and more. So if you’re someone who loves the idea of making profits off a digital asset, an NFT avatar might be the ideal investment for you.

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What Are NFT Avatars Used for?

Besides just looking cool, NFT avatars have their own share of uses. Depending on what kind of user you are, your application might be different. However, the most popular uses of NFT avatars are:

1. Collectibles

If you’re a collector by profession or even just have it as a hobby, these avatars will fit right into your life. Websites like OpenSea feature a plethora of pre-created NFT avatars that are collection-worthy. Many users buy these avatars from various collections and then store them for plenty of time. As a user, you can either keep these avatars for your collection or sell them later to a friend or third party.

2. Gaming

A lot of crypto-based games in the Metaverse have dedicated marketplaces for their own NFT items and avatars. As a gamer in this community, you can purchase these avatars and use them in the game’s ecosystem. If you go by other websites like Ready Player Me (Check out), you can even carry this NFT avatar away to a wide collection of games and experiences.

3. Social Media

If at the end of the day, all you want is a cool yet unique profile picture for your Twitter account, you can consider getting an avatar. A lot of users buy NFT avatars and use them across compatible social media. You can even don these avatars as a profile picture inside a digital wallet like Binance (Check out) for more personalization.

There are a lot of popular NFT collections out there that each have their own unique artistic style and principles. What’s appealing to one user maybe not be necessarily loved by another. However, some have stood out and become ever popular among everyone. Some of the most popular NFT avatar collections are:

1. CryptoPunks

The first-ever NFT avatar project, CryptoPunks is a series of 10,000 different pixelated avatars stored on the Ethereum blockchain. While CryptoPunks was originally up for grabs for free in 2017, that has since changed. As time has passed these avatars have become one of the most expensive to get with a single punk going for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Source: Larva Labs

In fact, the most expensive punk ever sold (#5822) was sold at a record-breaking price of almost $24 million so you can see why they must be rare now. Since all the initial punks are now bought up, the only way to get one is through marketplaces.

2. Bored Ape Yacht Club

Launched back in 2021, the Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 10,000 different ape avatars that were each minted on the Ethereum blockchain. These unique assets each have their own different design and no two apes are alike. The Ape Yacht Club has quickly soared in popularity and avatars of the collection have become valuable collectibles.

Moreover, users who own an ape automatically get a Yacht Club membership card and get member-only benefits. Besides getting to the community bathroom, Ape NFTs can now get a digital passport that allows them to import their apes into another play-to-earn game as their profile picture.

3. Azuki

Another set of unique avatars on the blockchain, Azuki is perhaps my personal favorite. Azuki NFT avatars have a very vivid art style that makes them even more appealing to look at. However, besides just an avatar, owners get access to the Garden.

The Garden is an exclusive area that will overtime give items such as streetwear, NFT drops, live events, and more. Azuki promises that owning an avatar will be your identity in the Metaverse so we just might be able to use these across apps and games. If you want one of the newest NFT avatars, Azuki might be worth checking out.

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How to Get an NFT Avatar

Do you like what you’re reading and want to get an avatar for yourself? Money aside, getting an NFT avatar is actually very possible. There are primarily two ways you can get your hands on one. These are:

1. Go Though an NFT Avatar Marketplace

The simplest and most efficient way of getting your hands on an NFT avatar is by going through a marketplace. Websites like OpenSea, Async Art, and SuperRare will provide an assortment of avatars you can get your hands on easily. You can sort through various collections and get these avatars immediately provided you have a wallet attached. I’ll be detailing this process too so keep reading if you’re interested.

2. Make One Yourself

If you don’t like what you’re seeing on the marketplace, you can always ‘mint’ an NFT of a pre-existing avatar image. For those unaware, the process of minting simply turns the digital file you have into a collectible on the Ethereum blockchain. Once done, you can either sell this avatar on a marketplace or use it. However, if you want a brand new avatar, you can always use an NFT Avatar Generator to create your own.

How to Buy an NFT Avatar?

If you’re looking to buy an NFT avatar from a marketplace this is the section for that. I will be detailing images from OpenSea to describe this process. Follow the steps below:

Note: The sale and purchase of these avatars involve dealing in real money. Never share your crypto wallet’s details with anyone and be very cautious about your finances online. If you don’t already have a wallet set-up, you can check out MetaMask (Get) and connect it to your browser.

1. Go to your chosen NFT marketplace. If you’re going by OpenSea, follow this link to go there.

2. Search for your chosen NFT avatar collection and then click it. If it’s popular enough, you will also see marked in top collections.

3. You’ll now be led to the collection page. Take your time to first check out the description and the linked website for more details. Once convinced by the project, scroll down.

4. You will now see a wide variety of different avatars. Take your time and choose the one you want. Depending on your budget you can use a filter to sort the price by Low to High.

5. Click on the NFT avatar you like to see its details.

6. In the case of this avatar, you can see there is an auction going on. You can easily place your bid to get this avatar by clicking the Place Bid button. However, do make sure you verify the price as you can its quite expensive.

7. If you want to simply buy an NFT right away, you can scroll back and look for a non-auction one. You will see the currency as mostly ETH in that case, so you will need an Ethereum account. Once convinced by the avatar and its price, click Buy Now to purchase it.

If your wallet is already connected and loaded, the purchase will go through and you will be allotted your chosen NFT avatar. Congratulations on owning a unique NFT avatar. You can now use this in a lot of places and have fun with it. Depending on what you chose, you might get some other benefits so be on the lookout for them.

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How to Make Your Own NFT Avatar?

If you want to build an NFT avatar from scratch you can either use an NFT avatar maker or convert a media file you already own to one. I will be displaying the former through an NFT avatar maker called 8biticon.

Note: Minting your own NFT avatar requires paying a small fee for the minting process. Depending on the blockchain and the platform this can vary so make sure you have enough crypto balance in your digital wallet.

1. Go to your chosen NFT avatar maker. If you’re using 8Biticon too, follow the link.

2. Take your time to read the maker’s description and details. Once done, click on the Create the magic! button to begin.

3. This is the Pixel art icon constructor. Here you can choose from the various aspects for your NFT avatar. You will also see that the maker shows the percentage of people who have this trait already. Take your time and build an avatar you love. Or if you’re lazy like me, just click the Randomize button and get a pre-built one.

4. Once happy with your created avatar click the Buy Now button. Also make sure to pay attention to the ETH price before you do.

5. A pop-up will now open up asking you to connect your digital wallet to the website. Click the Next button to proceed.

6. Click on the Connect button to finalize the process.

7. Your digital signature will now be allowed to confirm the transaction. Click on the Sign button to do so.

Once done, the noted crypto balance will be deducted from your wallet and you will get your NFT avatar to use. And that’s how easy it is. You can check out other NFT Avatar makers online to find collections more suited to your taste. For instance – NFT Avatar Maker is an upcoming project that promises an infinite number of combinations and 1000s of traits.

You will even be able to mix and match traits from other NFT collections you may have come to love. To the site’s credit, the displayed NFT avatars do look very cool. So if 8biticon isn’t your style, feel free to wait for this one or look for even more.

Can You Sell Your Made NFTS?

Yes, indeed you can. All you need to do is list your NFT avatar onto marketplaces like OpenSea and wait for a bid. You can also set your own price and see if a user online is interested. Once agreed, the cryptocurrency will be transferred to your wallet and the user will get the NFTs’ ownership.

Represent Yourself with an NFT Avatar

I hope you find an NFT avatar that best represents you and have a lot of fun with it. However, are you confused about the term avatar in general? Then learn what is an avatar in the Metaverse before you make a purchase here. If you’re slowly stepping to the Metaverse, then begin by learning how to access the Metaverse on the Quest 2 for a nice introduction if you have an Oculus lying around.

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